Order of the Red Banner (military), #10152. An attractive and massive piece in gilded brass and high quality enamels. In excellent condition.

70th Anniversary of KGB, table medal in bronze, with original fitted case of issue and "VIP" award document with hard red cover, 1987 issue. Only 3000 of these medals were ever awarded. A superb and very scarce set.

10th Anniversary of the October Revolution, commemorative badge, brass version, 1927 issue. This is one of the first badges of the OSOAVIAKhIM, issued for making a donation to the organization. In very fine condition - far better than the average - and includes scarce original screw plate.

Medal for the Defense of Soviet Polar Region, Var. 1, circa 1943-46 issue. An excellent example with beautifully preserved details and clearly visible mint luster.

Great October Socialist Revolution 60 Years", Korosten, 7" diameter porcelain plate, 1977. Featuring dynamic combination of revolutionary iconography, this plate can be a nice complement to a Soviet medal collection. Excellent condition.

Voroshilov Marksman Badge, OSOAVIAKhIM issue, large type, #317677, 1932-1934. Early, single-level version issued before the introduction of the two levels of marksmanship award in 1934. In very fine to excellent condition, uncommon for the early badge.

Medal for the Capture of Budapest, Var.1, circa 1945-47. A superb example, practically impossible to upgrade.

St. George Cross for Bravery, "Harbin" version without the class designation or serial number, on original period suspension, circa 1919 - early 1920s issue. Shows silver hallmark "90" and maker mark "FV" on the eyelet. This extremely rare version is classified as Variation A1.1.3v in the A. Rudichenko's Russian Imperial Awards of the Civil War Period (at the time of the book's publication, only two such specimens were known to exist.) Excellent condition.

Medal for the Defense of Leningrad, Var. 1, scarce early sub-variation with "Polished Sky" (polirovannoe nebo) , and "Short Horizon", circa 1942-43. In excellent condition.

Air Force Engineering Service Officer Badge, 1949 - 1958. A very large size and attractive set of wings in silvered brass and enamel issued to flight engineers and officers of ground technical support services in the Soviet Air Forces. In outstanding condition.

Excellence in Signal Corps badge, ZhRPT Factory, mid-1940s. Early issue in outstanding condition, very uncommon for a badge of WW2 era. Includes original maker-marked screw plate.

Excellence in Antiaircraft Gunnery badge, NKPS version, mid 1940s. In very fine to excellent condition, far better than the average. Includes original screw plate.

WW2 Army glass canteen with original carrying pouch complete with shoulder strap, early 1940s issue. The canteen is in excellent condition, completely free of cracks or chips. The pouch is in very good condition.

Excellence in Pontoon Bridge Construction badge, mid-1940s. A scarce early issue by the Pobeda Factory. Very fine to excellent condition.

Excellent Torpedo Artificer badge, early to mid-1950s. In fine to very fine condition. There is a small repair to the red enamel in the center, otherwise practically perfect.

Excellent Combat Engineer (Sapper) badge, early to mid-1950s. An uncommon post-war version by the Pobeda Factory. In superb condition.

Army (Land Forces) general papakha winter fur cap, circa 1980s. Approx. size 58-59 (US size 7 1/4 - 7 3/8). In outstanding, near mint condition. A rare find in large size and factory-fresh condition!

Excellent RKKA Serviceman badge, #3561, circa 1939-40. An early version featuring flat reverse with slight counter- relief in the lower part. In excellent condition and includes original maker-marked wing nut. Note the extremely low serial number.

Excellence in the Air Force badge, 1950s. Relatively scarce version featuring two words in the upper part of the white band. A near mint example, literally impossible to upgrade.

Sailor of OSOAVIAKhIM Badge, 1939-1941. Although issued by the OSOAVIAKhIM paramilitary organization, this was apparently a purely military award bestowed on navy sailors. A very attractive early WW2 piece in superb condition. Comes with original maker-marked screw plate.

Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad, Var. 2 ("Voenkomat" post- war issue), in very fine to excellent condition. Includes original suspension in brass.

Partisan Medal, 1st cl., variation without the raised border on the obverse and with the "straight-nosed" portrait of Lenin, circa 1940s. Very fine to excellent condition.

Combat Cooperation Medal, 3rd Class (Bronze Grade), also known as "Brotherhood in Arms" Medal. Excellent condition.

Combat Cooperation Medal, 2nd Class (Silver Grade), also known as "Brotherhood in Arms" Medal. Excellent condition.

Combat Cooperation Medal, 1st Class (Gold Grade), also known as "Brotherhood in Arms" Medal. Excellent condition.

Medal for Excellent Military Service, 1980-1992. In near mint condition.

Muhammad Akbar Khan Medal, circa 1980s - 2000s. In excellent condition. Includes nicely preserved original ribbon.

Medal for the Liberation of Belgrade, Var. 1, circa 1945-47. In very fine to excellent condition, a very attractive example of one of the hardest to find Soviet WW2 campaign medals.

Order of National Flag, 2nd cl., Type 4 Var.3, #14667, circa late 1950s-1960s. One of the early issues reportedly made in Czechoslovakia on commission from the DPRK government, this version features horizontal pin and flat reverse of the finial balls. Very scarce piece in very fine to excellent condition.

St. George Cross for Bravery, a so-called "Czech" version in silvered brass, without the class designation or serial number, early 1920s. Stylistically similar to the St. George Crosses produced by the Kuchkin Factory, this scarce version was stamped at the Czechoslovak State Mint and awarded to members of the Czechoslovak Legion upon their return from the battlefields of the Russian Civil War. Comes with original ribbon, ring and connecting link. An exceptionally interesting piece in excellent condition.

Medal for the Defense of Kiev, with MINT ERROR on the reverse. In excellent condition.

Badge in Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Bulgan Province, circa 1960s. In brass and enamel, fine quality badge in excellent condition.

Badge in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Mongolian Publishing Industry, circa 1960s. Excellent condition.

Chollima Honor Prize, Type 3, late 1960s - early 1970s. At one time given out each year to "Twice Chollima Worker Teams or Factories". In excellent condition - one of the best examples we have seen in years.

FDIF (International Democratic Federation of Women) Mongolian Chapter, Membership Badge, circa 1950s-60s. Attractive and interesting piece in brass and enamels. Excellent condition.