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Brave New World, 1920s-1930s

Membership Badge of the Detkomissiya (Children Agency) at the Central Executive Committee of the USSR, early to mid 1920s.

Brigadmil Voluntary Police Support Unit badge, 1930s. Fine to very fine overall condition.

Union of Militant Atheists, membership badge, small version, circa late 1930s - 1941. Relatively late issue featuring with the word "socialism" rather than "communism" in the organization's motto. In excellent condition.

Badge of an Activist of the Society of Militant Atheists, late 1920s-30s. Very scarce badge in excellent condition.

Badge of a Participant of the All-Union Automobile and Motorcycle Rally of 1925. In hallmarked silver and fine quality enamels, this piece is of exceptional quality and in very fine to excellent condition. The badge was issued exclusively to the participants of the race immediately upon its conclusion. An extremely rare and spectacular piece, especially in such an outstanding condition!

ODD (Friend of Children Society), membership badge, 1924 - 1935. Screw back version in outstanding condition.

Trade Union of Employees of Communication Industry, membership badge, late 1930s. Very fine to excellent condition.

To a Best Shock Worker, jeton awarded in 1932 to a medical industry employee on occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the October Revolution.

Stalin Campaign for the Bolshevik Sowing and High Harvest, award badge, early to mid 1930s. Very fine condition.

Badge to a Shock Worker of the XVII Congress of VKP(b), Stalinskiy District, 1934. Magnetic steel, silver plating, enamels.

Society of the Cultural Linking of Town and Village, membership badge, mid to late 1920s. In fair to good condition.

Participant's badge of the All-Union VTsSPS Olympiad (Contest) of Amateur Performance Arts, Moscow, 1932.

Badge for 20th Anniversary of the Soviet Cinematography, #317, circa 1940. Very nicely made piece in silver and enamels, mint marked. In outstanding condition.

Jetton for Winning the Second Place in Sharpshooting Competition, in hallmarked silver, 1928 issue. Inscribed on the reverse to a member or employee of the Ukrainian Government (Central Executive Committee of Ukraine.) A very attractive and uncommon early piece!

RSFSR International Sports Tournament of July 1920, Jeton for Winning a First Prize. One of the very first Soviet awards or badges of any kind, issued at the time when Lenin was alive and the Civil War was still raging. The striking "revolutionary" design of this piece is very characteristic of its era.

First Spartakiada (Sports Competition)of VTsPS , participant's badge, 1932. In excellent condition and includes original screw plate.