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Soviet Newsprint of Pre-WW2 - Early Post-War Era

Vecherniy Leningrad ("Evening Leningrad") Newspaper, Special "Mourning" Issue on Stalin's death, 6 March 1953, the next day after he died. VG condition.

Economicheskaya Zhizn ("Economic Life") Newspaper, Assassination of Kirov Special Issue, 2 December 1934. Very rare, near mint condition.

Zvezda ("Star") Newspaper, #140, 13 June 1919, organ of Novgorod Communists. VG condition. Coverage of Russian Civil War events.

Map of the Builder of Socialism Poster, early 1930s Map of New Soviet Industrial Might, captioned by V. Mayakovsky in verse. VG condition.

Rabochiy Kronstandt ("The Workers' Kronstadt") Newspaper, 29 Nov. 1939, daily organ of the Krondstadt Communists. Good to VG condition. Eve of Soviet invasion of Finland, aka the Winter War.

Stalin's famous "Brothers and Sisters" Patriotic War address to the nation, where he denies all responsibility for his actions leading to the war. 3 July 1941. VG to EXC condition.

Captive Marshal Paulus Signing an Adress to the German people, Soviet Propaganda Leaflet, 1944. Large format, German text, good condition.

Moskovskiy Bolshevik ("The Moscow Bolshevik") Newspaper, #265 7 Nov. 1944 issue, 27th Anniversary of October Revolution. Fair to good condition.

Komsomolskaya Pravda na Dneprostroye ("The Komsomol Truth at Dneprostroy") Newspaper, #220, 5 May 1945. VG condition. Celebrating the fall of Berlin, rebuilding the Dneproges.

Leninskiye Iskry ("Lenin's Sparks"), 23 Feb. 1947. Newspaper for Leningrad Young Pioneers, Red Army Day issue. EXC condition.

Na Strazhe, ("On Guard"), Moscow MGB newspaper, 22 Feb. 1952 issue, just weeks before Stalin's death. VG to EXC condition.

Na Strazhe, ("On Guard"), MVD Moscow police newspaper, 4 Dec. 1953 issue, eve of Soviet Constitution Day. VG to EXC condition.

Pravda Newspaper, January 1945 through April 1945.

Izvestiya [News] Newspaper, December 1944, very good condition.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, Soviet Stalingrad counteroffensive.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, 8 June 1942.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, 12 Feb. 1943. Liberation of Krasnodar, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Shakhty, and Voroshilovsk, offensive in Rostov Region. EXC condition.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, 22 Jan. 1943. Final stage of Battle of Stalingrad, Soviet advances in the Caucasus. VG condition.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, 11 Nov. 1943. Offensive operations, fighting in Ukraine on the Kerch beachhead in Crimea. EXC condition.

Soviet Propaganda Leaflet for population of occupied territories, April 1942. VG condition.

Citizens of Ukraine, June 1943 Soviet propaganda leaflet for German-occupied Ukrainian territories. Good to VG condition.

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