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Documents, Awards and Other Personal Items of Soviet VIPs

Letter to Stalin from Entire Personnel of 18th Army, signed by 37,658 EM, NCO, officers & generals w. Leonid Brezhnev's signature among them, dated February 23, 1944. Unique one-of-a-kind document! Good condition.

Large Deluxe Folder w. Portrait & Greetings to Air Force Marshal A. Koldunov presented on his 60th Birthday. Beautiful and Unique piece in papier-māché w. wood veneer, inlaid lithographic portrait, ornamentation, & engraved text. 1983. VG condition.

Certificate for the Marshal Star and the Rank of Supreme Marshal of Air Force, with original case of issue Awarded in 1984 to Aleksandr Koldunov, the eighth highest scoring Soviet fighter ace of WW2, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, and supreme commander of the Soviet Air Defense in the late 70s through late 80s.

Military photo ID of Marshal of the Soviet Union Andrey Yeremenko, Inspector General for the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Issued on 21 April 1958, hand-signed and dated by Marshal Malinovsky, Defense Minister of the Soviet Union.

Photo ID Issued to Member of the Rostov-on-Don Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, General of the Army Andrey Yeremenko, 1954. EXC condition.

Group of 2 Photo IDs Issued to General of the Army Andrey Yeremenko, future Marshal of the Soviet Union, 1950 & 1953. EXC condition.

Deluxe leather-bound, gold stamped 1967 "Fiftieth Anniversary of the Great October Revolution" address book once belonging to Marshal of the Soviet Union Andrey Yeremenko. Filled with interesting notations (such as his plans for a speech) and a wide variety of personal telephone numbers (Brehznev, Bulganin, Zhukov, the Minister of Culture [Ekaterina Furtseva], the head of the French Communist Party, etc., etc.)

Marshal of the Soviet Union Pavel Batitskiy, Commander-in-Chief of Air Defense Forces, Hero of the Soviet Union, the Man Who Personally Executed Beria. Typed document signed, 1971. Birthday greetings to Col. Gen. Borovykh, WW2 ace fighter pilot w. 46 aerial victories. EXC condition.

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