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Soviet Statuettes & Busts in Bronze and Silumin

Magnificent Equestrian Sculpture, in bronze on marble depicting Marshal Kliment Voroshilov as a Red Army cavalry leader saluting his troops at the apex of his career. An exceptional work of Soviet statuary suited for the most advanced collection.

Cast Bronze Statue of Vasiliy Ivanovich Chapayev, iconic Red cavalryman of the Russian Civil War. Very nice action pose on horseback. An impressive 10 " long, piece of circa 1950s-60s vintage.

Solid Bronze Bust of Lenin on a Marble Plinth, circa 1950s- 60s. Weighing over 11 lb and standing nearly 10" tall, this extremely uncommon "deluxe" rendition probably once adorned the office of a high ranking Communist Party apparatchik or important state official - and was clearly a status symbol. In excellent condition.

Bust of "Iron Felix" Dzerzhinsky, ruthless founder of Cheka. Shows a 1982 date of manufacture and signature of the sculptor. A 10" tall casting in silver toned Silumin alloy showing him wearing his Order of the Red Banner. In excellent condition.

Bust of Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of Cheka (future KGB), dated 1984. A less common image by sculptor Teplov showing the architect of the "Red Terror" wearing military style visor cap with a star. In excellent condition.

Sergei Kirov, large (13" tall) standing statuette in Silumin alloy, by sculptor Teplov, dated 1977. In excellent condition.

Sergei Kirov, bust in Silumin alloy, dated 1981. Very good to excellent condition.

Soviet Stratonaut Statue, bronze plated miniature on a bakelite base of a dramatic statue commemorating brave Soviet fliers who died while flying high altitude research balloons into the stratosphere. Circa 1950-60s. Rare example of Soviet aeronautical memorabilia.

Yuri Gagarin, large bust in painted Silumin alloy, circa 1960s. Extremely uncommon early rendition.

Bust of Cosmonaut Yury Gagarin, circa 1960s-70s. In Silumin alloy with black finish. Possibly one of the earliest souvenirs produced to celebrate his record- breaking orbits of planet Earth.

Cosmonaut Gherman Titov, second man to orbit the earth, flew the Vostok 2 mission launched on August 6, 1961 and achieved 17 earth orbits. Silumin alloy bust, circa early 1960s.

Soviet Soccer player, c 1970s; an arch-typical athlete poses, ready to play European football...

Nude Female Bather statuette in silumin alloy, dated 1987.

The Girl With an Oar, circa 1930s, one of several statues or statuettes done on a similar theme to exhort Soviet citizens to exercise and be healthy.

Young Soccer (European Football) Goalkeeper, statuette in bronze, circa 1970s-80s. A scrawny young boy in oversized goalie gloves is laser-focused on the ball. Maker-marked 5" tall piece in excellent condition.

Lev (Leo) Tolstoy, bust in Silumin alloy, by Leonid Torich, circa 1970s- 80s. A large and impressive piece by a highly acclaimed Socialist Realist sculptor. In excellent condition.

Bust of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, a prominent Russian writer and satirist. Circa 1970s-80s. A very uncommon bust.

Sergei Yesenin (1895 - 1925), Large 8" tall bust in Silumin alloy, dated 1980. One of the most famous Russian lyrical poets of the first quarter of the Twentieth Century. Wrote his final poem with his own blood.

Sergei Yesenin (1895 - 1925), bust in Silumin alloy, circa 1970s-80s.

Nikolai Ostrovsky, bust in Silumin alloy, circa 1970s-80s. An iconic image of the Socialist Realism writer who became famous for his loosely autobiographical Civil War novel "How the Steel Was Tampered". A very large and uncommon bust.

Bust of Maxim Gorky, dated 1981.

Unusual, 1975 Soviet made bust of Maxim Gorky, the famous author considered the father of Soviet literature and the originator of Socialist Realism. Large 9.5" x 7" size. Artistic rendering in thoughtful pose.

Maxim Gorky, full standing statuette in Silumin alloy, 11 " tall, 1975. Very nice and uncommon rendition of the author generally considered the founder of Soviet literature and originator of Socialist Realism.

Vladimir Mayakovskiy, full standing statuette in Silumin alloy by sculptor Chebotaryov, 1977. Features a 1920s likeness of the famous Futurist poet who extolled the Soviet revolution in his works.

Silumin Bust of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, 10" wide, early 1970s. The model for this very complex statuette was created in 1966 by a notable Leningrad artist and sculptor Torich. In excellent condition.