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WW2 Partisans

Medal for Combat Service, Type 1, Var. 1 (with engraved serial number, small suspension and "Mondvor" screw plate), #20763, awarded in March 1942 to a Partisan Platoon Commander. In November - December 1941, when the Soviet partisan movement was still in its infancy, he led a number of bold strikes on enemy garrisons in his native Stalino (Donetsk) region of eastern Ukraine. During the Soviet general offensive in January 1942, he provided substantial support to the regular Red Army units by conducting reconnaissance in the same area and finding a route of advance for the Soviet tanks. A highly uncommon award commendation! The medal includes original Variation 1 suspension and screw plate and aside from the missing back plate, is in excellent condition. Comes with archival research.

Partisan Medal, 1st cl., variation without the raised border on the obverse and with the "straight-nosed" portrait of Lenin, circa 1940s. Very fine to excellent condition.

Partisan Medal, 2nd cl, circa mid to late 1940s. Variation with smooth border and "straight-nosed" portrait of Lenin - believed to be the earliest version of the medal. A beautiful example in very fine to excellent overall condition. Includes original suspension.

Award Document for a Partisan Medal, 2nd cl., issued in October 1968 to a female recipient, probably a Lithuanian national judging by her first and maiden name. The beautiful calligraphy of the hand-written entries in the document and its date of issue lead us to believe that it was likely a "Kremlin" award. In excellent condition.

Honorary Certificate from VLKSM Central Committee, issued to a WW 2 partisan for "active struggle against German invaders'". High quality hard-covered booklet featuring Stalin's and Lenin's portraits embossed on the cover. In excellent condition.

WW2 Yugoslav Partisan Veterans Association, Membership Badge. Well-made badge in brass and enamels. Very Fine to Excellent condition.

Slovak Airborne Partisan Unit Vpred (Forward), veteran's badge, circa 1960s-70s.

Czechoslovak Ninth Corps Sign of Honor Badge, awarded to those who tended wounded fighters during the 1944 revolts against the Germans.

Medal of an Attendee of the International Conference of Veterans of War and Participants of "Antifascist" Liberation Movements, Moscow, 1965. A very well-made and attractive medal by the Leningrad Mint. In excellent condition.

Special Espionage / Partisan Unit 9903 (aka Military Unit #9903), Veteran's Badge, circa 1970s-80s. An extremely rare badge of one of the former members of the Spetsnaz sabotage unit created in 1941 and comprised exclusively of Communist Youth volunteers who received special training in operations behind the enemy lines. The unit initially numbered some 2000 members, more than half of them women; only slightly more than half of the original number survived the war. Five of its members were made Heroes of the Soviet Union, including the famous Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.

Badge of a Veteran Partisan / Underground Resistance Fighter of 1941-1945, circa 1970s-80s. A very large and uncommon "generic" award to a former member of the resistance movement.

Partisan Movement of the Smolensk Region, Veteran's Badge, circa 1970s-80s.

Badge of a Participant of the 1941-42 Partisan Movement in the Moscow Region, circa 1970s-80s issue. In excellent condition.

Partisan of Kalinin Region, Veteran's Badge, circa 1970s-80s. Excellent condition.

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Partisan Movement of the Bryansk Region, Veteran's Badge, circa 1970s-80s. Excellent condition.

Badge of a Participant of the 1980 Bryansk Conference of Former WW2 Partisans and Members of the Underground Resistance Movement.

Medal of a Participant of the Spanish Civil War, 1986 issue in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the War. The medal was issued by the Soviet War Veterans Committee to Soviet and other foreign volunteers who had come to Spain during 1936-39 to fight against Franko. In brass, more substantially made than the similar medal issued in the 60s.

"People's Avengers" A poster for the 1943 Soviet war-time "documentary film" about the partisan movement. 17 7/8" x 28".