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Officer and Enlisted Visor Hats

M 1955 Infantry officer dress visor hat, dated 1956. An attractive and distinctive hat from the "Zhukov period", in very good to excellent condition. Size. 57.

Infantry officer dress visor hat, dated 1960. Nicely marked by the Red Warrior Factory in Moscow. Features a two- piece hat badge, the version used only from 1964-68. Size 60 (US 7 - XL). In good overall condition.

Armored Corps officer service visor hat with distinctive square visor, circa late 1940s - early 50s. Essentially the same as a WW2 tanker's hat and includes early WW2 hat badge of two-piece construction. Size 57 (US 7 1/8 - Medium). In superb condition, very rare for a Soviet hat of this vintage.

M 1955 Armored Corps officer dress visor hat, 1955-58, small size 55 (US 6 7/8)

M 1943 Railway (NKPS) Officer dress visor hat, mid to late 1940s. A very uncommon and interesting piece of headgear. During WW2, Soviet railroads played a key role in the war effort, and their uniformed employees were subject to strict military-like discipline. The hat is in very good to excellent condition and comes complete with original insignia.

Air Force officer visor hat, early 1950s, in olive green napped wool, with sky blue band and piping. Early style square visor and M 1949 Air Force officer hat badge. Approximately Size 57.

M 1955 Air Force officer dress visor hat, 1955-58. A very attractive early model used for just three years. Size 57 hat in very good condition.

Summer visor hat of a cadet in Junior Air Force Academy, dated 1990. Unusual light gray cotton "salt and pepper" material, size 55

KGB officer dress visor hat, dated 1988. Size 55. In excellent condition.

M 1952 MVD officer visor hat, dated 1953. Featuring distinctive square visor and bright royal blue crown, this hat is almost identical to NKVD / MGB hats of WW2 and immediate post-war years. This particular model was in use for only a few years until 1956. In very good condition, extremely well-preserved for a fairly rare, early Cold War-era hat made in wool.

Navy officer summer dress visor hat, dated 1989. Nicely marked by a Vladivostok factory. Size 55, small (US 6 5/8). In excellent condition, apparently unissued.

Visor hat of Forest Warden, 1970s - 1980s. Size 58. A very uncommon Soviet hat in good condition.

Visor hat of a Transportation College student, dated 1986.

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