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Books on Medals and Badges, USSR & Communist Bloc

Our highest recommendation: The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals McDaniel and Schmitt, 1997. The ultimate guide for the serious collector of Soviet Medals. English language. Rare and essential out of print reference! A brand-new copy in mint condition.

Orders and Medals of the USSR A handy and comprehensive illustrated guidebook to Soviet military and civilian awards. English language.

Echoes of War. Researching Soviet Military Decorations Paul J. Schmitt, C. 2006. English text. Hardcover with dust jacket. Features the widest published collection of Soviet awards' serial numbers and awarding information. Limited printing of just 1500 copies. Brand new copy in mint condition, hand-signed by the author.

Order of the Badge of Honor / Order of Honor. Subtitled History and Awards , by Oleg Derevyanko and Valeriy Durov, C. 2020. Russian text. Large format h/c with tremendous amount of information and photos. The book is a result of years of painstaking research and contains massive amount of data never published before. It will for sure remain the ultimate word on the subject. Highly recommended for Russian- speaking collectors and historians.

Soviet Badges: Law Enforcement Agencies , Volume 2 of the series by Igor Sysolyatin. This deluxe 347-page hardcover includes most up-to-date prices and is the most complete reference guide on the subject. Published in 2020 with only 500 copies in print, this superb book is bound to become a bibliographic rarity. Russian text.

Cheka, the History, Organization, and Awards of the Russian Secret Police and Intelligence Services 1917 to 2017 by Robert Pandis, 2017 Hard Cover Edition, 422 pp. English text. The book's primary focus is on the awards, documents and credentials of Soviet NKVD, MVD and KGB State Security; however, its scope goes beyond that and encompasses the awards of the secret police of other communist countries as well as post-Soviet Russia. It also details the structure of both Soviet and Russian State Security. At five times the size of the previous softcover versions, it includes a large number of high definition photos of original artifacts plus a vast amount of information. An excellent resource for collectors or historians.

Badges of Distinction of the Economic Agencies of the USSR, Volume 2, A. Zak, V. Alekseev, Ekaterinburg, 2010, Russian text, 368 pages, hardcover; covers badges issued by all-Union ministries, economic committees, industrial agencies, etc., from 1946 to 1991.

Soviet Badges: Labor Heroes and Shock-Workers , Volume 3 of the series by Igor Sysolyatin. This deluxe 335-page hardcover includes most up-to-date prices and is the most complete reference guide on the subject. Published in early 2022; unlike the first two volumes of the series, there were only 100 copies in print. This superb book is an instant bibliographic rarity. Russian text.

Awards of the New Russia, Illustrated guide to Russian medals and orders instituted since the end of the Communist Regime. Large format hardcover of excellent quality, Russian text, illustrations life size and in color.

Award, Historical and Journalistic Almanac.Issue #2, 2005.Russian text, hard laminated cover, 8.5"x11.75", 211 pp. Collection of essays on Russian and Soviet awards.

Badges of the Soviet Armed Forces, 1918 - 1991, by Borisov, 1994, Russian text with English chapter summaries, laminated hard cover. A long out of print clasic. Original edition in brand new unused condition.

Soviet Second World War Veteran Badges, Paul Schmitt, C. 2008. English text, soft cover w. gloss finish, 79 pp., over 400 color photos. Brand new copy in excellent condition.

History of Awards and Insignia of Russian MVD, 1802 -2002 Mikhail Rogov, C. 2004, Moscow. Russian text, massive format hardcover, 543 pp. The first truly comprehensive reference on the subject, featuring superb photography of a vast array of MVD materials.

Sport Societies of the USSR, 1917 - 1941, D.Nikitov, V. Kudryashov, B. Goldman. C. 2005, Moscow. Russian text. Soft cover, 76 pp, over 350 color photographs of badges and ID cards. Excellent guide book.

Soviet Badges: Physical Culture and Sports , Volume 1 of the series by Igor Sysolyatin. This deluxe 294-page hardcover includes most up-to-date prices and is the most complete reference guide on the subject. Published in 2020 with only 500 copies in print, this superb book is bound to become a bibliographic rarity. Russian text.

Breast Badges of the USSR of the Era of Labor Victories, 1920-1940 In Russian, extraordinary reference, with superb extreme close-up photos of over 350 badges, obverse and reverse.

Stasi Decorations and Memorabilia, a Collector's Guide., by Ralph Pickard, c. 2007, English language text, 248 pages, fully illustrated in color. Complete guide to medals and documents issued to DDR's notorious internal secret police force.

Stasi Decorations and Memorabilia subtitled "A Collector's Guide", VOLUME 2, by Ralph Pickard, c. 2012, in English. Big format hard cover with d/j, this 599 pp 2nd volume is even bigger and better illustrated than the first. The book covers foreign awards to Stasi operatives including Soviet Orders and KGB badges, uniforms and rank structure of DDR MfS State Security schools and uniformed Stasi military units, East German youth and sports organizations affiliated with Stasi, Felix Dzerzhinsky memorabilia and much, much more. Only 750 copies in print, each copy is individually numbered. This book may soon become an out of print collectible in its own right!

Stasi Decorations and Memorabilia, VOLUME III by Ralph Pickard, c. 2018, in English. Large format hard cover with d/j, this 318-page book is even better illustrated than the previous two volumes ! The photos and amount of information in it are simply mind-boggling. Its focus is cooperation between Stasi and State Security services of other Eastern Bloc countries; consequently, it shows many award groups issued to state security officers of Warsaw Pact that include DDR decorations and medals. The book also contains a number of Stasi documents, badges and non-portable awards that did not appear in the previous books, as well as rare photos of MfS special operations units during their training. There are only 750 copies in print, so this amazing reference guide may soon become an out-of-print collectible in its own right!

The Orders and Medals of the Mongolian People's Republic (1924-1992) , Khuujii Urnukh, 2010, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In English; 272 pp, softcover. Large 8 1/4" x 11 3/8" format. The text is filled with previously unknown information. It brings the collecting of Mongolian awards to a whole new level by covering the varieties of each order and medal. Highly recommended!

Military and Civil Awards of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) , Warren Sessler and Paul McDaniel, 2009. ENGLISH text, 406 pages, large 12" x 9" x 1 6/8" thick hardcover format with dust jacket. Highly recommended!

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