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Portraits of Stalin

Stalin in Moscow w. Fireworks over Kremlin, Large Tapestry embroidered in wool and cotton on canvas, unique original artwork, artist signed and dated, 1945-47. Good to very good condition.

Stalin's Portrait, Lithograph on Steel by I. Brodskiy, Artist Signed, c. early 1930s. Only 10,000 copies made. Good condition.

Large Lithographic Portrait of Stalin, 1951 print from the original board created in late 1930s, artist signed. VG to EXC condition.

Large Lithographic Portrait of Stalin, artist signed and dated, 1944. Rare wartime print on wartime low-quality paper, VG condition.

Large Airbrushed Portrait of Stalin, rare war-time original painting, 1943. VG to EXC condition.

Large 23x31" Portrait of Stalin, original, oil/oilcloth, artist signed, c. late 1930s - early 40s. Good condition.

Portrait of Stalin, oil on canvas, 24" x 31 ", on stretcher. Artist signed original, dated 1954. Very good condition.

Large Portrait of Stalin, oil on canvas, c. late 1940s- mid- 1950s. On stretcher, in original frame. VG condition.

Portrait of Stalin, uncommon in oil on fiberboard, artist signed, c. early 1950s. VG to EXC condition.

Large Portrait of Stalin, carving on wood, c. 1930s. EXC condition.

Large Photo Portrait of Stalin at 1945 Potsdam Conference, on fiberboard backing in period frame, late 1940s - early 1950s. EXC condition.

Huge 46" x 27" Poster of Stalin We stand for peace, and we defend the cause of peace!, artist signed, 1949, the year of Stalin's 70th birthday. VG to EXC condition.

Large Poster w. Stalin's Portrait, by Original Publisher, Rare "Mourning Edition" dated March 30, 1953 - 25 days after Stalin's death. VG condition.

Large Portrait of Stalin, lithograph, made in Riga, Latvia. Very rare, 1940-41. EXC condition.

Large Poster Est takaya partiya! ("There is such a party!") from 1947 drawing by E. Kibrik, 1950. EXC condition.

Small poster w. Stalin's portrait, c. 1945. EXC condition.

For Happy Childhood Huge Airbrushed Painting on Cloth, 1951. Original work, w. the artist's name on the verso. EXC condition.

Stalin's Life Events on a Map, Hand Painted on Linen, Very Large at 5' x 4' & Extremely Rare, c. mid-1940s. EXC condition.

Large Poster Song about Stalin, w. Stalin's portrait and song lyrics, artist signed, 1949, the year of Stalin's 70th birthday. VG condition.

Color plate of the oil painting "Stalin in Exile in the Village of Turukhanskaya 1916"

Photo Album or Scrapbook w. Portrait of Stalin on Cover Hand-Carved on Wood, c. 1930s-40s. VG condition.

Key Fob w. Encased Stalin's Photo Portrait, c. late 1940s - 80s. VG to EXC condition.

Large Porcelain Wall Plate w. Portrait of Stalin, by unknown maker, c. 1930s. VG to EXC condition.

Tvorchestvo ("Creativity"), issue #12, 1939. Monthly Journal of the Unions of Soviet Painters and Sculptors. VG to EXC condition.

Keepsake or souvenir box w. engraved Stalin's portrait, c. late 1940s - early 50s, in salmon-pink plastic, maker marked. VG condition.

Poster w. photo portrait of Stalin, b/w, 1948. VG to EXC condition.

Photo portrait of Stalin wearing both Hero of the SU and Hero of Socialist Labor stars, c. late 1940s. VG condition.

Photo Portrait of Stalin, colorized, w. desktop stand & hanging loop, c. early 1950s. EXC condition.

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