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WW2 and Soviet Photo Documentaries

Khalkhin Gol, 1939 by Uslyn Publishing House, Ulaan Baatar, 1989. Excellent photo documentary on the brutal clashes which stopped the Japanese westward expansion and heralded the Pacific campaigns of WW2. Out of print. Mongolian text. A superb unused copy in mint condition.

Great Patriotic, 1941-1945. Excellent photographic. Preface by Marshal Chuikov. Hundreds of photos. Russian text.

Time Life's The Soviet Juggernaut, excellent basic photo documentary. English language.

V. P. Chkalov, Moscow, 1984, Planeta Publishing House. "Man. Events. Times" series photo album, Russian text. Valeriy Chkalov was a Soviet aviation icon and source of inspiration for generations of pilots. This scarce Soviet publication details the life of this famous aviator and test pilot. The book is in gently used, near mint condition.

A. M. Vasilevsky, illustrated biography, published in the Soviet Union in 1991. Russian text. Hard covered with dust jacket, large 9" by 12" volume, 200 pages. Aleksandr Vasilevsky was one of the most prominent Soviet military leaders.

Cavaliers of the Gold Stars Nikolay Babaev, Yuriy Ustinov. C. 2001, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover with d/j, 470 pp, hundreds of b/w photos. This book contains biographies of all twenty-three recipients of 3 or more Hero Stars (HSU and/or HSL).

Blocade of Leningrad. Counteroffensive at Tikhvin, 10 November - 30 December 1941 Il'ya Moschanskiy, Dmitry Sakhonchik C. 2004 Moscow. In Russian with English captions. Soft cover, 68 pp, 140 b/w photos.

Battle for Crimea, September 1941 - July 1942 I. Moschanskiy, A. Savin C. 2002, Moscow. Russian with English captions. Many photos and some color profiles.

1941: Battles in the UkraineAleksey Isaev. In Russian, Moscow, 2004. Soft cover, 79 pp, dozens of b/w pictures, 5 tactical maps, color illustrations of Soviet and German tanks.

Battle for Moscow, 30 September - 5 December 1941 Maksim Kolomiets. Russian with English captions, 2002. Soft cover, 79 pp, 100 b/w pictures, 4 tactical maps and 6 color illustrations.

1941: Battles in the Baltic, 22 June - 10 July 1941 Maksim Kolomiets. In Russian with English captions, Moscow, 2002. Soft cover, 79 pp, dozens of b/w pictures, 6 tactical maps (two of them in color), color illustrations of armor and German tactical markings.

Battles in the Don Bend, 28 June - 23 July 1942 Maksim Kolomiets, Aleksandr Smirnov. In Russian with English captions, Moscow, 2003. Soft cover, 79 pp, many b/w pictures plus color profiles.

Defense of Caucasus, July - December 1942 M. Kolomiets, I. Moschanskiy. In Russian with English captions, 79 pp, 100 b/w pictures, 2 tactical maps and 12 color illustrations of Soviet and German vehicles.

Liberation of Austria. Vienna Offensive, 16 March - 15 April 1945. Russian with English captions, Moscow, 2003. Soft cover, 72 pp, over 130 of b/w pictures, tactical map in color and 9 color illustrations.

On the Yugoslav Soil, Belgrade Strategic Offensive, 28 September - 20 October 1944. In Russian with English captions, Moscow, C. 2005.

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