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Russian Imperial ORDERS

Order of St. Vladimir, Military Division, 3rd cl. neck badge, in gold, by Eduard (VD), 1910-1916 issue. Beautiful piece in excellent condition. Includes original suspension loop in hallmarked gold.

Order of St. Vladimir, Military Division (with swords), 4th cl. breast badge in gold, by Eduard (VD), 1910-1916 issue. An extremely attractive piece of WW1 era in very fine to excellent condition, free of significant flaws. Includes original suspension loop in hallmarked gold and original period ribbon with bow mounted on a recent suspension.

Order of St. Vladimir, Civil Division, 4th cl. in gold, by Albert Keibel, 1904-08. In very fine to excellent condition. This attractive Kapitul example is among the last produced by the venerable Keibel firm.

Order of St. Anne, Civil Division, 1st cl. Breast Star by Keibel, circa 1880s-early 1900s. The obverse is perfectly preserved while the attachment on the reverse was replaced by a screw back and then restored. Despite the alterations, this piece will display beautifully.

Order of St. Anne, Civil Division, 1st cl. Breast Star in silver, Civil Division, 1899-1903. A very distinctive piece by Albert Keibel with added character: converted to wear with screw back attachment.

Complete Set of the Order of St. Stanislaus, Military Division, 3rd cl. by Eduard, 1908-1916. Includes breast badge in gold, golden suspension loop, ribbon, bow, and fitted case of issue. In superb condition.

Actual 9 January 1918 Conveyance Document for Russian Order Insignia authorizing bestowal on five French military Officers [four generals and one Commandant (Major)]: a St. Alexander Nevsky with Swords, a White Eagle with Swords, a St. Anne 1st Class with Swords, and a St. Vladimir 4th Class with Swords).

Two exceedingly unusual 1917 Provisional Government Award Documents for Order of St. Anne 2nd Class w/Swords to a French Army officer for bravery on the Western Front.

Cross of Bravery (aka Cross of the Brave) of General Bulak-Balakhovich, 2nd cl., circa 1930s. Issued to a member of the quasi-independent, predominantly Russian volunteer force that fought against the Reds in the western theater of the Civil War under the overall command of the Polish army. In good to fine condition, respectable for an award as scarce as this one.

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