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Soviet Military Leaders: Portraits, Sculptures, Photos

Magnificent Equestrian Sculpture, in bronze on marble depicting Marshal Kliment Voroshilov as a Red Army cavalry leader saluting his troops at the apex of his career. An exceptional work of Soviet statuary suited for the most advanced collection.

Cast Bronze Statue of Vasiliy Ivanovich Chapayev, iconic Red cavalryman of the Russian Civil War. Very nice action pose on horseback. An impressive 10 " long, piece of circa 1950s-60s vintage.

Marshal Voroshilov During Military Exercise, an offset color plate c.1940s-50s, reproduction from a 1938 painting by P. Pokarzhevskiy

Bust of Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of Cheka (future KGB), dated 1984. A less common image by sculptor Teplov showing the architect of the "Red Terror" wearing military style visor cap with a star. In excellent condition.

To see other busts and sculptures of Dzerzhinsky, visit the Soviet Statuettes & Busts in Metal , section of our website.


Round wall-plaque with sculptured profile of Stalin, late 1940s through mid 1950s. Shows Stalin in Generalissimo uniform with Gold Star "Hammer and Sickle" award.

Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin, an offset color plate c.1940s-50s, reproduction from a painting by A. Gerasimov

Lieut. Gen. Mikhail Efremov, commander of Transcaucasian Military District, 1940. Uncommon portrait. Chose suicide over capture in 1942.

Photo portrait of Marshal Dmitriy Ustinov, Soviet Defense Minister, 1976

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