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Soviet Posters

"Imperialist Assault on Soviet Russia", lithographic print published by the All-Russia Bureau of Military Commissars, mid-1918 - early-1919. This rare, early Civil War piece of Bolshevik propaganda features vivid artwork calling to defend the motherland from foreign invaders and has the requisite explanation on the right margin. Measures approx. 28" x 41". Very nicely preserved for a poster of this size and vintage.

"Strengthen the Combat Might of the USSR!" poster, printed on 23 June 1941, one day after the German invasion of the USSR. Large size, 35" x 22 " overall. A very impressive artwork implores workers to produce more for the Red Army. This and several other known Soviet propaganda posters from the first days of the war had been clearly prepared well in advance. Typically, they showed the Red Army on the offensive and had little or nothing to do with the defense of the country from invaders. This fact seems to support the theory that the Soviet Union had been planning to attack Germany all along and was simply preempted by the equally aggressive Nazi regime.

Combat Pencil series, #36: "Combat Friendship", poster illustrates the heroic rescue of a crash-landed bomber crew, approximately 24"x16", circa 1942.

"Nasten'ka", 1943 poster illustrating Nazi atrocities in German occupied territories, approximately 15" x 13", printed in Moscow in 1943.

"Don't Be Like That!" This poster from 1957 is a pictorial lesson in good manners. The meaning of the artwork may be lost on today's audience, but in the Soviet Union it was considered a moral obligation to yield a seat in public transportation to the elderly, especially women. Measures 17.5" x 22.5". In very good to excellent condition.

Guards Major Vladimir Shalimov, single print from the "1941-1942 Glory to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War " portrait series. Large 12" x 18" image.

Major Vasiliy Litvinov, single print from the "1941-1942 Glory to the Heroes of the Patriotic War" portrait series. Large 12" x 18" image.

Official Soviet Navy PhotoGazette news broadsheet, issue #10, dated June, 1942. This issue focuses exclusively on Soviet naval aviation.

Official Soviet Navy PhotoGazette news broadsheet, issue #17, dated August, 1942. This issue focuses exclusively on the Guards cruiser Krasniy Krim (Red Crimea).

Official Soviet Navy PhotoGazette news broadsheet, issue #11, dated July 1943, popular wartime alternative to newspapers. Designed to be posted on bulletin boards on ships and on bases. Along with news on various topics, this edition features Hero of the Soviet Union Major Kunikov from the fighting at Malaya Zemlya, naval pilots (and Sturmovik aircraft), and submariners.

"What the Great October Socialist Revolution Gave to the Peasantry", 1943 poster defends the gains since the Revolution. Large 23 5/8" by 37 1/2" document seeks to counter any idea that the invading Germans were liberators.

Liberation of Novorossiysk Poster, Soviet Navy Publication ("Photo Gazette" News Broadsheet), October 1943.
The poster shows excellent photos of Soviet naval infantry and torpedo boats in action during the liberation of a major naval base and port on the Black Sea. A very interesting historic piece in excellent condition.

Front Photo Gazette, News Broadsheet #1 from March of 1944. Poster features Portraits of Eight Leningrad Front HSU Winners.

Front Photo Gazette, News Broadsheet #3 from May of 1944. Poster emphasizes both the War Effort and the Start Up of Reconstruction in Leningrad.

"Under the Banner of Lenin, Under the Leadership of Stalin" Small 29 April 1945 Leningrad Poster, printed almost at the same moment that Hitler was committing suicide in his Berlin bunker.

"Under the Banner of Lenin, Under the Leadership of Stalin" Small May Day 1944 Poster.

"Under the Banner of Lenin, Under the Leadership of Stalin" Small C1944 Poster.

"Under the Banner of Lenin, Under the Leadership of Stalin, FORWARD!" Small 10" by 16 1/4" Poster, circa 1944.

Poster features first portrait of Lenin taken immediately after the October Revolution. "We are a party of the future and the future belongs to young people; we are a party of innovators and young people always follow innovators more willingly." 1986. 22" x 34 1/8".

Lenin portrait by Soviet artist P V Vasilev, done in 1967 in pencil or Conté crayons. Part of the campaign to make Lenin appear friendly if not actually benevolent. High quality art print made in 1990.

For more posters of Lenin, please visit the "Portraits of Lenin, Stalin and others" section of our website.


Large Lenin photo poster, 1985. With inspirational quote directed toward Soviet Youth. 22 3/16" x 34 3/16".

Large and dramatic "Woodcut" Lenin image on a goldenrod background seeks to guide viewers with an inspirational quotation. 1990. 34 3/8" x 22"

Mikail Frunze, Bolshevik military leader and Civil War hero, poster features one of the most famous quotes from early Soviet era. 20 3/8" x 31", 1985.

Celebration of the Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the USSR features Mikhail Kalinin, titular head of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1946. Large 25 1/4" x 39 1/2" poster dates to 1975.

"The Stakhanovite Movement" propaganda poster, circa 1948. Features a photo of Stalin speaking from the podium and a painting depicting triumphant coal-miners.

"People's Avengers" A poster for the 1943 Soviet war-time "documentary film" about the partisan movement. 17 7/8" x 28".

Poster for "Veliky Perelom" (The Great Turning Point), Soviet director Friedrich Ermler's famous 1945 war movie that went on to win the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 1946. Rare survivor of Soviet film history!

Rise of People's Culture in the USSR, propaganda poster printed on cardboard, 1939.

Rise of People's Culture in the USSR, propaganda poster mounted on cardboard, 1939, documents the rise of culture in the USSR and the increase in health care and education between 1932 and 1937.

Portrait Poster of Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), famous Ukrainian artist and father of Ukrainian literature, Kiev, 1991.


39th anniversary of the Victory over Germany, large 1984 photo poster reproduces classic photo image of Fascist banners being drug through Red Square gutters during the May 1945 Victory Parade in Moscow.

"Dress Rehearsal for Great October" Portfolio of poster/prints celebrating the 1905 Revolution as preparation for the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Twelve 10 3/4 x 15 5/8 revolutionary images, several of which feature caricatures of the Last Tsar, Nicholas II. 1965.

Valery Chkalov, world famous Soviet flier and test pilot, 1983 poster commemorates the 45th anniversary of his death. 19" x 25 3/8".