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Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad, Variation 1, 1940s issue. An attractive example in very fine condition. Includes original WW2 suspension with beautifully preserved old ribbon.

Award Document for a Defense of Stalingrad Medal, January 1944 issue to a Jewish recipient, a deputy battery commander in an antitank (light) artillery regiment. Comes with a copy of the Stalingrad Medal recipient roll of his unit from the Russian military archives. In good condition.

"Calendar of Notable Events, 76th 'Chernigov' Guards Rifle Division", circa 1945.

Soviet Information Bureau Daily War Communique, Soviet Stalingrad counteroffensive.

Veteran's Badge in Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of the 8th Air Army, 1977 Issue. In very fine to excellent condition.

Badge of a Veteran of the 16th Air Army, circa 1970s - 80s. In very fine to excellent condition.

Badge of a Veteran of the 17th Air Army, 1975 Issue.

Badge of a Veteran of the 289th Ground Attack / Bomber Aviation Division, issued on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the unit in 1992. The division, then under the 8th Air Army, played a prominent role in all phases of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Decorative Porcelain Vase "1418 Days of Great Feat!" presented to a Veteran of the 27th Guards Rifle Division in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of victory over Germany, 1985. Made by the Baranovskiy Porcelain Factory. A very large and impressive hand-painted piece in excellent condition. The 27th Guards Rifle Division was an illustrious, highly decorated unit that had fought at Stalingrad as part of the 65th Army, Don Front, and later during the war joined the famous 8th Guards Army (formerly 62nd Army) of General Chuikov.

Decorative Porcelain Wall Plate "From Stalingrad to Berlin", Presented to a Veteran of the 27th Guards Rifle Division, 8th Guards Army (formerly, the famous 62nd Army commanded at Stalingrad by Gen. Vasiliy Chuikov), 1990 issue in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of victory over Germany. Shows maker mark of the Baranovskiy Porcelain Factory. An attractive and very uncommon piece in excellent condition.