St. George Awards

Badge of Distinction of the Military Order with Cypher of Alexander I, #3585 (also known as St. George Cross for the Prussian Allies), 1839. Extremely rare Russian award to Prussian veterans of Napoleonic Wars. This parctcular piece was awarded to a Feldwebel (Sergeant) of the First Silesian Infantry Regiment. In superb condition and includes old, probably original German suspension with St. George ribbon.

Badge of Distinction of the Military Order of St. George, Type 1 without class designation, #39923. Circa 1813-1815. Extraordinary soldier's decoration of Napoleonic Wars era.

St. George Cross for Bravery, a so-called "Czech" version in silvered brass, without the class designation or serial number, early 1920s. Stylistically similar to the St. George Crosses produced by the Kuchkin Factory, this scarce version was stamped at the Czechoslovak State Mint and awarded to members of the Czechoslovak Legion upon their return from the battlefields of the Russian Civil War. Comes with original ribbon, ring and connecting link. An exceptionally interesting piece in excellent condition.

St. George Cross for Bravery, "Harbin" version without the class designation or serial number, on original period suspension, circa 1919 - early 1920s issue. Shows silver hallmark "90" and maker mark "FV" on the eyelet. This extremely rare version is classified as Variation A1.1.3v in the A. Rudichenko's Russian Imperial Awards of the Civil War Period (at the time of the book's publication, only two such specimens were known to exist.) Excellent condition.

Jetton "To the Fighters for Motherland and Freedom, 1917", Variation 3 in white metal. This piece by the D. Kuchkin workshop in Moscow is often considered a "continuation" of the St. George Medal for Bravery during the Provisional Government period.

For Service and Bravery, in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Order of St. George, table medal, 1869.