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WW2 Excellent Soldier Awards

Sniper badge, early 1950s. Very scarce post-war version by the MTKh workshop (rated 5 for rarity by Airapetyan). In very fine to excellent condition and includes original MTKh screw plate.

Excellent Machine-Gunner badge, uncommon post-WW2 version by the MTKh workshop. In excellent condition and includes original maker-marked screw plate.

Excellent Mortarman badge, an early Pobeda Factory version, circa mid- to late-1940s. An attractive example in very fine to excellent condition. Comes with original screw plate.

Excellent Artilleryman badge, first version with superimposed hammer & sickle emblem, circa 1942. Scarce and attractive piece in superb condition.

Excellent Artilleryman Badge, 1953-1957. The last, "Classic Flat" variation of the badge. In near mint condition.

Excellent Combat Engineer (Sapper) badge, early to mid-1950s. An uncommon post-war version by the Pobeda Factory. In superb condition.

Excellence in Medical Corps badge, NKPS version, mid-1940s. In outstanding condition. Includes original maker marked screw plate of WW2 era.

Excellence in Railway Troops badge, mid 1940s. In excellent condition, absolutely superb for this relative scarce WW2 Red Army Otlichnik badge. Includes original NKPS screw plate.

Excellent Reconnaissance Scout Badge, circa 1946-48. Very scarce, early post-war variety manufactured by the MPS Factory (formerly NKPS). In very fine condition.

Excellence in Signal Corps badge, ZhRPT Factory, mid-1940s. Early issue in outstanding condition, very uncommon for a badge of WW2 era. Includes original maker-marked screw plate.

Excellence in Signal Corps badge, "First Unified" type, early 1950s. In excellent condition and includes original Pobeda Factory screw plate.

Excellence in Antiaircraft Gunnery badge, NKPS version, mid 1940s. In very fine to excellent condition, far better than the average. Includes original screw plate.

Excellence in Antiaircraft Gunnery, circa mid to late 1950s. The last, "Classic Flat" version by the Pobeda Factory. A perfect example from the height of the Cold War.

Excellence in Road Construction Badge, circa mid-1950s. A very scarce variation by the Pobeda Factory, in outstanding condition.

Excellent Cook badge, first version by NKPS Factory, mid 1940s. In superb condition - exceptionally rare for a WW2 version and literally impossible to upgrade.

Excellent Cook badge, by MTKh Factory, late 1940s issue. This is the second, and in our opinion, scarcer of the two early post-war "Unified" versions by MTKh. The badge is in excellent condition, practically impossible to upgrade.

Excellent Baker badge, by ZhRPT Factory, circa mid-1940s. The rarest version of the most scarce of all WW2 "Proficiency" badges (not listed in the Airapetyan's catalog and rated "R" for top rarity in the reference guide by Khlamkin.) In very fine condition.

Excellent Tractor Driver badge, by the NKPS factory, mid 1940s. The first version of the badge in outstanding condition.

Excellent Firefighter badge, by TsS VVOO, circa mid to late 1940s. Very early and extremely rare version of the WW2 fireman's badge in superb condition. Rated 5 out of 5 for rarity in the Airapetyan's catalog.

Excellent Firefighter badge, "Classic Flat" version by Pobeda Factory, circa mid to late 1950s. In near mint condition.

Document for Excellent Firefighter badge, issued in 1963 by the Ministry of Protecting the Public Order of Georgia. Correct for an early, 2-piece badge in brass. Very uncommon document in excellent condition.

Excellent Military Firefighter, circa 1960s. In aluminum and paint, one-piece construction. Last variation of the Military Firefighter Badge.

Excellent Rifleman Badge, 1953-1957. "Classic Flat" variation. In very fine condition.

Excellence in the Air Force badge, "Classic Flat" version, 1950s issue. Established in 1950, the last of the "WW2 Proficiency" series of badges. In excellent condition.

Excellence in the Air Force badge, 1950s. Relatively scarce version featuring two words in the upper part of the white band. A near mint example, literally impossible to upgrade.