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Soviet Military Badges - Revolution to WW2

Badge to a Hero of the Revolutionary Movement of 1917-1918, two-layered version in brass, 1932. In fine to very fine condition, better than the average.

Photo ID of a Former Red Partisan, circa early 1930s. Issued to a former Red Partisan from Odessa region. In excellent condition, very uncommon for this type of document.

Badge to an Honest Warrior of the Karelian Front, 1922. Scarce decoration of the Russian Civil War period, essentially the first Soviet campaign medal. The star is a replacement, but the badge is in otherwise excellent condition. Its overall state of preservation is outstanding for this early award.

Voroshilov Marksman Badge, OSOAVIAKhIM issue, large type, #317677, 1932-1934. Early, single-level version issued before the introduction of the two levels of marksmanship award in 1934. In very fine to excellent condition, uncommon for the early badge.

Voroshilov Marksman badge, OSOAVIAKhIM issue, 1st level, scarce smaller version (25 mm), 1934 - 1941. In superb condition - literally impossible to upgrade.

Sniper of RKKA (Red Army) badge, 1938 - 1942.Scarce variation featuring "ruffled" wreath with sharply defined outer leaves. An attractive piece in very fine condition.

Jetton for Winning the Second Place in Sharpshooting Competition, in hallmarked silver, 1928 issue. Inscribed on the reverse to a member or employee of the Ukrainian Government (Central Executive Committee of Ukraine.) A very attractive and uncommon early piece!

Badge for Excellent Artillery Readiness, unnumbered, circa 1940-1941. A scarce early WW2 issue in superb condition.

Sailor of OSOAVIAKhIM Badge, 1939-1941. Although issued by the OSOAVIAKhIM paramilitary organization, this was apparently a purely military award bestowed on navy sailors. A very attractive early WW2 piece in superb condition. Comes with original maker-marked screw plate.

Badge for the Battle of Lake Khasan, 1939-40 issue. In excellent condition. Essentially a campaign medal awarded for a 1938 border clash with the Japanese.

Document for a Badge for the Battle of Lake Khasan , February 1940 issue to an NKVD Border Guard NCO. Contains a nice photo of the recipient. The document is in excellent condition.

Excellent RKKA Serviceman badge, #3561, circa 1939-40. An early version featuring flat reverse with slight counter- relief in the lower part. In excellent condition and includes original maker-marked wing nut. Note the extremely low serial number.

Naval Air Force School graduate badge, 1944 type, 1944-1954. An attractive example of scarce WW2 naval aviator's wings in very fine overall condition. Includes original screw plate.

Military Navigators School, graduation badge, 1938-1941. Extremely attractive badge in very fine overall condition.

Badge in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the First Cavalry Army, #0536, 1969 issue. In excellent condition. A very impressive and scarce award issued to one of the few surviving veterans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the unit. The army, led by the charismatic Semyon Budyonny, was instrumental to the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War.

Badge in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Red Latvian Riflemen, 1967. A massive and very impressive piece in excellent condition.