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Propaganda Porcelain Vases, Plates, etc.

Lenin Bas-relief Wall Plaque in bisque porcelain, by the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LFZ), Leningrad, circa 1960s. Relatively early piece in very good to excellent condition.

Lenin Birth Centennial 1970 commemorative freestanding porcelain plaque, Polonnoe Artistic Ceramics Factory.

Lenin portrait plaque based on a May 25, 1919 b/w photograph, Dulevo,post 1968. Freestanding with an integral easel.

Lenin Birth Centennial 1970 commemorative porcelain biscuit bas-relief, unmarked, except for the price in rubles and faint quality control stamp. Probably a Polonnoe product. Excellent condition.

Patriotic Desktop Porcelain Decoration Commemorating Centenary of Lenin's Birth, 1970.

Sugar Bowl "Harvest", Dulevo Porcelain Factory, 1927-1930. Early issue with the rare "Newspaper Pravda Factory, Dulevo" maker mark. A superb piece of early Soviet propaganda porcelain from the collectivization period. Missing the lid, otherwise in very good condition.

Lenin's Birth Centennial 1970 commemorative porcelain tumbler, Gorodnitsa, interesting employment of a retro, almost 1920s Constructivist, decoration throughout. Excellent condition.

50th Anniversary of the USSR porcelain pencil holder or vase for smaller flowers, Vozrozhdenie Bronnitsa Factory for Porcelain Wares,1972, features the Soviet national emblem and hand applied gold trim and lettering.

Miniature Moscow Olympics flower vase, Leningrad Porcelain Factory (LFZ or Lomonosov), 1980. excellent condition.

Porcelain Dessert Plate with Soviet Patriotic Motif, Korosten, circa late 1960s- early 70s. An attractive propaganda piece.

Porcelain Wall Plate "The Union Unbreakable of Free Republics" by the Korosten Porcelain Factory, 1962-1991. Shows a stylized tree bearing leaves in the colors and patterns of the member republics' flags. The text is that of the first words of the national anthem of the USSR. In excellent condition.

Porcelain Plate "Moscow, View of the Kremlin", Korosten Porcelain Factory, 1955-56 manufacture. Shows presentation inscription made on the International Women's Day of 8 March 1956. Very good condition.

Commemorative Wall Plate of the VSKhV Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow, Budy Factory, mid to late 1950s. A distinctive decorative item of Stalin era. In very good to excellent condition.

Porcelain Dessert Plate Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the "Reunification" of Ukraine (Soviet annexation of eastern Poland in 1939), by the Korosten Porcelain Factory, 1949. A very uncommon plate in excellent condition.

Large Decorative Porcelain Plate in Commemoration of Mikhailo Volkov, the discoverer of coal in the Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbass), Siberia. A very unique and impressive 12"-piece by the uncommon Prokopyevskiy Porcelain Factory, circa late 1970s - late 80s. Excellent condition.

Great October Socialist Revolution 60 Years", Korosten, 7" diameter porcelain plate, 1977. Featuring dynamic combination of revolutionary iconography, this plate can be a nice complement to a Soviet medal collection. Excellent condition.

Porcelain Plate "Lenin during the Revolution", Budy "Hammer and Sickle" Faience Factory, mid 1950s - 1967. Dramatic image shows Lenin giving orders over the telephone.

Lenin portrait porcelain plate, Korosten, 7" diameter, 1962-1990, undated but possibly a 1970 Lenin Birth Centennial commemorative. One of the most popular Cold War images of Vladimir Ilyich. Excellent condition.

Vladimir Mayakovskiy Commemorative Porcelain Plate, 9 1/2" diameter, Budy Faience Factory, 1950-1967, features 1920s portrait of the famous Futurist poet. Very good to excellent condition.

Porcelain wall plate "Female Soviet Athlete", Korosten Porcelain Factory, 1955-1962. In excellent condition.

"Karlsson-on-the-Roof" Porcelain Wall Plate, Korosten Porcelain Factory, circa 1970s - 80s. The image of a popular cartoon character is instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up in the USSR (most don't know however that there is an unexpected twist to the Karlsson story!) In excellent condition.

Porcelain Dessert Plate "Little Boy on a Horse", Baranovka Porcelain Factory, 1973-1980s. A favorite motif of Soviet ceramicists was young children playing Civil War era soldiers.

50th Anniversary of the USSR porcelain demitasse cup in cobalt blue and gold, Dovbysh, 1972. Very good to excellent condition.

"50th anniversary of the October" Revolution, 1967 demitasse cups inscribed in Ukrainian. Nice pair, perfect for consuming espresso during late night chats about socialism... 2 1.2" x 2" (5 x 6.5cm)

Presentation Cup by the Tselinograd Porcelain Factory, dedicated to the 10th Jubilee of the factory, circa 1972. Shows factory logo in gold.

Porcelain Ashtray "Soccer", Dulevo Porcelain Factory, dated 1959. This extremely uncommon "Soviet Ambience" item from the period of the "Khrushchev Thaw" appears to be a throwback to much earlier era. In excellent condition.

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