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Officer and Enlisted Visor Hats

M 1955 Infantry officer dress visor hat, circa 1956-58. An attractive and distinctive hat from the "Zhukov period", in superb condition, perhaps the best example of this scarce hat we have seen. Size. 57 (approx. US size 7 1/8).

Officer dress visor hat for Motorized Infantry, dated 1983. XL Size 59 (US 7 3/8). A classic Soviet hat in near mint condition.

Motorized Infantry officer service visor hat, dated 1991. Size 58 (US 7 ). Near mint condition.

Armored Corps officer service visor hat, c. late 1960s - early 70s. Size 58 (US 7 / Large). An excellent Cold War era example by a Moscow maker, free of soiling or moth damage.

Armored Corps officer dress visor hat. Leningrad factory sweat label shows the 1988 date of manufacture. Size 58 (US 7 ). Excellent, probably unissued example.

M 1955 Medical or Veterinary Corps officer dress visor hat, 1956-1958. One of the very distinctive "parade" hats that were in use only a few years during Marshal Zukov's tenure as Defense Minister. Size 57 (US 7 1/8). Superb condition.

Service Visor Hat of a Military Medical, Veterinary Corps or Quartermaster School Cadet, dated 1969. Fairly uncommon hat in VF to EXC condition.

Air Force officer Service Visor Hat, mid-1950s. In olive green napped wool with sky-blue band and piping. Features distinctive early Air Force cockade in gilded brass and enamels. Size 56 (Medium). Excellent condition.

M 1954 Air Force Officer Dress Visor Hat, dated 1955. Extra-large Size 60 (US 7 ). Featuring early brass version of the "scrambled eggs", rounded visor, and pre-1956 hat badge, this configuration of AF visor hat existed for just half a year, from June 1954 - February 1955. Extremely rare piece in very good condition.

M 1955 Air Force Officer Dress Visor Hat, 1955-58. A very attractive early model used for only three years. Size 55 (Small). Excellent condition.

Air Force Officer Dress Visor Hat, dated 1969. Size 55 (Small). Near mint condition.

Air Force Enlisted Man or NCO Dress Visor Hat, dated 1976. Size 59 (Large). Outstanding condition.

Air Force Officer service visor hat, c. 1980s. Nicely marked by Moscow's TsEPK factory. Large Size 59 (US 7 3/8). Excellent condition.

Air Force officer dress visor hat, dated 1991. Size 57 (Medium / Large, US size 7 1/8). Excellent condition.

KGB Officer Dress Visor Hat, dated 1970. Size 56. Uncommonly early issue in outstanding condition.

KGB Warrant Officer Service Visor Hat, c. 1980s. Size 56 (US size 7 / Medium). An attractive piece in excellent condition.

Camouflage Visor Hat of KGB Border Guard, Airborne, and Special Forces, dated 1984. Size 57. A very uncommon piece from the Soviet Afghan War period in used but excellent condition.

MVD Officer Service Visor Hat, dated 1957. Size 56. Nicely marked early piece in superb condition.

MVD Officer Dress Visor Hat, dated 1982. Size 56 (US 7 / Medium). Excellent condition.

Navy Officer Summer Dress Visor Hat, dated 1956. A scarce early-Cold War hat featuring 4-pc cockade with separate anchor chain and embroidered wreath. Size 55 (US Size 6 7/8). Very good to excellent condition.

Navy Officer Dress Visor hat, dated 1980. Size 59 (US size 7 3/8 /Large). Excellent condition.

Navy Officer service visor hat, dated 1991. Features a late-style "oversized" crown in napped wool. Nicely marked by a factory in Vladivostok, the home of the Soviet Pacific Fleet. Size 58. An interesting piece by an uncommon maker from the last year of the Soviet Union. In very good to excellent condition.

Service / Dress Visor Hat of a Cadet of Suvorov Junior Military Academy, dated 1989. Size 55 (US 6 7/8 / Small). Uncommon and distinctive hat in very good condition.

Summer visor hat of a Cadet of Junior Air Force Academy, dated 1990. Unusual light gray cotton "salt and pepper" material. Near mint condition. Size 55 (US 6 7/8 / Small).

Civil Aviation (Aeroflot) Junior Officer or School Student Visor Hat, dated 1987. Size 57 (US 7 1/8). In outstanding condition.

Visor hat of a Transportation College student, dated 1986.

Visor hat of a Railway Transportation official, dated 1990. Size 56. In excellent condition.

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