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Imperial Russian Militaria

Massive Battlefield Trophy of Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, from battle of Avliyar. Silver hallmarks throughout.

M 1907 NCO or officer cadet (Yunker) hat badge. Fair to good condition.

M 1907 army enlisted man hat badge, 40 mm. Variation with vertically oriented prongs. In excellent condition.

M 1907 army enlisted man hat badge, 29 mm version. Features smaller overall size and less domed form than other variations. Well-made piece in excellent condition.

Hat badge of State Militia Units for Non-Christians, Reign of Nicholas II, 1895- 1917. A very attractive and relatively uncommon piece with perfectly preserved details and three out of four original prongs still intact.

Lot of Two 22-mm Brass Buttons for Army Officer's Tunic, matching pair in good condition, circa early 1900s - 1917 (WW1 era).

Large size gold button for army officer greatcoat or a cape, 1860s through 1917.

Cuff button for a tunic of an attorney, prosecutor or Justice Department officer Excellent condition & quality.

Brass Buckle for Imperial Russian Army Enlisted Infantryman's belt, c. 1890s - 1917. An attractive example with unusually well-preserved details of the Romanov Eagle.

Buckle for Russian Imperial enlisted Combat Engineers, in white Melchior alloy, showing Romanov eagle and crossed axes. Circa early 1900s-1917. A scarce piece in very good condition.

Belt Buckle for Imperial Russian Navy Enlisted Sailors and NCOs, circa late 1900s - 1917. A very uncommon maker-marked example in copper ("dark bronze"). Excellent condition.

Student's Belt Buckle, Alexander I School (Gimnasiya) of Vologda, c. 1910s. The imperial crown was removed to appease the new regime following the 1917 revolution.

Student's Belt Buckle, Nizhniy Novgorod Theological Seminary, c. early 1900s. In Melchior alloy; features superimposed characters of the school's acronym and stamped maker mark. Very good to excellent condition.

Army Entrenching Tool, dated 1915. Shows stamped maker mark & imperial double-headed eagle. In very good condition; most of the original paint is intact.

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