Order of the Red Star, Type 7, Variation 2, Sub-variation 1, #3178163, with a document, awarded on 25 June 1954 to Ilya Kuznetsov.

Silver, enamels; 45.2 mm tall x 47.5 mm wide. The medallion is 20.8 mm wide. Manufactured in 1954 at the Moscow Mint. The order is Type 7 according to the Strekalov classification, with so-called "new style" medallion having the tow of the soldier's right foot turned right, the body leaning slightly forward and other characteristics that make it noticeably different from the medallion of the earlier types. This particular version is Var. 2, Sub-var.1 featuring relatively flat reverse and the first letter "Д" in the second word of the hallmark having a trapezoid (rather than rectangular) top.

The order is in fine condition. The enamel retains beautiful luster and shows practically no wear besides some surface flakes at the upper edge of the upper right arm. The center medallion shows significant wear to the raised portions, most likely from cleaning. Most of the details of the soldier are nevertheless well defined, and the motto on the edge of the medallion is perfectly preserved. There is attractive patina to silver on both sides of the badge. The screw post is full length, over12 mm, and includes original screw plate.

The order booklet was issued on 16 August 1954. Unlike the booklets of earlier issues, it shows the actual date of the award decree, 25 June 1954. The Order of the Red Star is the only decoration listed in the document.

The order booklet is in near mint condition. Shows practically no detectable wear to the cover. The internal pages are perfectly clean and crisp.

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