Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Type 5 Variation 1 "Short Oval Flat Back", #216112, with a document, awarded on 1 August 1953 to Elizaveta Soboleva.

Silver gilt, enamels. Measures 47.9 mm in height incl. the eyelet, 37.2 mm in width. Riveted 3-piece construction. Features flat reverse with the mint mark stamped near the center in two horizontal lines, in relatively tall font. Manufactured in 1951 at the Leningrad Mint, this piece is from the series with serial numbers 200000 - 250000.

In excellent, near mint condition. This piece shows literally no traces of wear detectable even under 10x magnification. The enamel and gilt finish are completely pristine. The reverse is likewise untouched, with beautiful toning to silver. Comes on original two-layer suspension device in steel with new ribbon. The connecting link appears to be original and its ends are joined with solder.

The order booklet was filled out on 3 October 1953. Unlike the later and some of the contemporary order booklets, this is an early model that still shows the precise date of the award decree: 1 August 1953. The Order of the Red Banner is the only entry in the document.

The booklet is in very good overall condition. The cover is pristine, showing practically no wear; the gold lettering and USSR state emblem are completely intact and bright. The internal pages separated due to rusted staples - a common problem with Soviet documents of the period - but all the pages are present and nicely preserved. The endpaper in the back has some fingerprints while the main pages are perfectly clean with the exception of the usual rust stains from the staples.

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