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M 1943 Winter Greatcoat for Air Force Major General, circa late 1940s-early 50s.

In gray wool, double-breasted, with sky blue piping on the cuffs, lapels, and pocket flaps. Sky blue collar tabs with gold embroidery along the edges and gold buttons. Shoulder boards are M-43: six-sided, in gold tress with sky piping and embroidered silver stars. All buttons are WW 2 type, with 11 republics on the Soviet state emblem. Distinctive coat that is instantly recognizable from WW2 photos and newsreels.

Extra Large size, about a 44" chest (without a tunic underneath), 19.5 " shoulder from seam to seam across the back under the collar area; 27" sleeves; measures about 43" from shoulder to bottom of the skirt.

Outstanding quality, obviously tailored for an important general.

The greatcoat is in excellent condition. It is completely free of stains, soiling, or noticeable wear. There are a few tiny moth tracking to the nap of the wool and a single small bite to the surface layer (not penetrating to liner) above the second button from the bottom on the left side, barely noticeable. There is no significant moth damage or active moth problem. A superb piece through and through!

Item# 33406

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