Porcelain Ashtray "Soccer", Dulevo Porcelain Factory, dated 1959.

In glazed porcelain with mother-of-pearl finish on the interior, photo decal image of soccer players and gilt highlights; measures approximately 3" by 3 ". The bottom shows a trademark of the Dulevo Porcelain Factory and a 1959 date of manufacture, as well as the quality control stamp "237".

An extremely uncommon "Soviet Ambience" item in excellent condition. It looks like the ashtray was never used for its intended purpose and was instead strictly a decorative display item or perhaps served as a tray for small knickknacks. There are no chips, significant stains or wear to the gilt highlights. Shows minor wear to the bottom from normal use.

The decadent feel of this piece appears to be a throwback to the much earlier era and possibly even based on a pre-revolutionary design. The small size and mother-of-pearl finish lead us to believe that it was at least originally intended for a sophisticated city woman rather than a man - the picture of soccer players none withstanding. It is also interesting to note that the ashtray is totally devoid of any Soviet propaganda message. We will leave it up to the new owner to try and figure out what the weasels may represent, or why the style of the ashtray is so deliberately feminine.

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