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M 1971 hat badge of enlisted or NCO police personnel of MVD Drying-Up Tanks.

Aluminum, paint; measures approx. 38 mm tall x 66 mm wide.

The personnel of the Drying Up Tanks (Vytrezvitel in Russian) were a branch of Police responsible exclusively for hauling drunks off the streets and detaining them while they sobered up. This branch of service came about as a response to a nationwide drinking problem; the fact that there even was a special insignia for this unit is the testimony to the severity of the problem (in the 70s, on a typical weekend in a Moscow commuter neighborhood, one would find a passed out drunk on about every other city bloc - regardless of the weather).

Excellent, near mint condition.

/Kutsenko, Hat Badges, fig. 1 page 41/.

Item# 28283

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