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ID Card of NKVD Border Guard Sergeant Aleksey Sychev, issued on 11 October 1942.

The document is very similar to other enlisted ID cards of the period but its cloth cover has distinctive royal blue color. The ID shows that Sychev served as an NKVD Border Guard since October 1939. On 10 June 1946, just days before the German invasion, he was promoted to Sergeant and became senior NCO of a border post. He was then convicted for unspecified crimes and sent to the city of Baku (apparently to serve his sentence).

The ID was issued just before he was sent to the front, apparently after his rank was restored. The rehabilitation could be explained by the situation on the fronts at the time: the Germans had reached key mountain passes in the Caucasus and were threatening the oil fields of Baku. Not surprisingly the Red Army in that area was in dire need of qualified soldiers. The document is in excellent, near mint condition.

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