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Happy and contented (former) Soviet farmer sows seeds in German occupied Russian farmland.
Poster circa 1942.

24 1/4" x 34 1/4". Two vignettes of plowing and harvesting flank him on either side. The text reads: "Tend to the tilled soil diligently - [You] will get a rich harvest".

Very good condition. Linen mounting would erase all folds and creases. A good restorer could fill in the small area of color loss in the upper right corner (caused by an unfortunate scrape of some sort). A series of almost unnoticeable nail holes near the top edge indicate that that this poster was once displayed on a wall.

Aimed at farmers in the areas overrun by the Nazis, this poster was probably originally retrieved "for study" by one of the NKVD units that closely followed the Soviet army on its westward march to Berlin. What is remarkable is there has been absolutely no need for any reinforcing tape anywhere on the back!

Not quite socialist realism in style, but close enough that if a beginning collector missed the credit to a German printer in the bottom corner, he could easily mistake this for a Soviet poster!

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