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Naval Books

Weapons (Small Arms and Edged Weapons) of the Russian Navy, by Igor Sukhanov. Massive size 335 pp hard cover with dj, Russian text. This beautiful coffee table publication encompasses all periods in history of the Russian Imperial Navy, from Peter the Great through WW1. The book is literally chockfull of high resolution photos of Russian naval pistols, dirks, cutlasses, boarding axes etc.

Badges and Jettons of the Russian Navy, 1917-1945, Dotsenko, Boynovich and others. St. Petersburg C. 2002 Russian text. Hardcover. Very comprehensive.

Red Banner Northern [Fleet], Rare Soviet Navy photo documentary album, 1976. In good condition.

Combat Actions in the Baltic During First World War, Pavel Lemishevskiy. Russian text. Hard cover, 215 pp, Includes large number of period photos .

Armored Cruiser Bayan and Its Descendants, From Port-Arthur to Moonsund S. Vinogradov, A. Fedechkin, C. 2011, Moscow. Russian text, 207 pp, laminated hardcover. Well illustrated with period photos and technical drawings.

Battleships of Peresvet Class. Russian text. Richly illustrated with technical drawings and excellent period photographs.

Warships of Destroyer Squadrons. From Novik to Gogland. C. 2006, Moscow. Russian text. Illustrated with technical drawings and large number of excellent period photographs.

Destroyers of the Izyaslav Class, N. Afonin, St. Petersburg, 2010, In Russian with English captions, Soft bound, 62 pp, dozens of b/w photos and detailed line drawings - including a double sided foldout.

Goddesses of the Russian Fleet: Aurora, Diana, Pallada,Viktor Novikov, Alexandr Sergeev, 2009, Moscow, Russian text, 127 pp, laminated hardcover.

Novik Class, The Best Destroyers of the Russian Imperial Fleet, Alexander Chernyshev, 2007, Moscow, Russian text, 222 pp, laminated hardcover.

Russian Super Destroyers: the Legendary Noviks Aleksandr Chernyshev. C 2011, Moscow. Russian text, 175 pp, laminated hardcover.

Greyhounds of the Red Fleet, Destroyer Leaders of the Great Patriotic [War]: Tashkent, Baku, Leningrad, Pavel Kachur, 2008, Moscow. Russian text, 143 pp, laminated hardcover.

Soviet Cruisers of the Great Patriotic [War] From Kirov to Kaganovich.

'Stalin's Vengeance,' Soviet Submarines of the M Class, Miroslav Morozov & Konstantin Kulagin, 2010, Moscow, Russian Text, 255 pp, laminated hardcover.

The Cursed Battleships: Cesar Which Became Novorossiysk, Sergey Patyanin, 2011, Moscow, Russian Text, 176 pp, laminated hardcover.

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