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WW2 and Soviet Military History Books

Heroes of the Soviet Union massive 2-volume set, Russian Text, Moscow, 1987. This out-of-print official publication is the ultimate guide to the Heroes of the Soviet Union! Includes capsule biographies of every Hero Star recipient, portraits and a brief description of the feat for which the Title of Hero was given.

Soldier's Glory, Volume 5. I. Roschin. C. 1981, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 285 pp. The book contains essays about 70 recipients of the Order of Glory, 1st cl. accompanied by their photos. This scarce out-of-print reference is great supplement to the standard reference guide or information that can be found online.

Soldier's Glory, Volume 6. I. Roschin. C. 1982, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 255 pp.

Cavaliers of the Gold Stars Nikolay Babaev, Yuriy Ustinov. C. 2001, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover with d/j, 470 pp, hundreds of b/w photos. This book contains biographies of all twenty-three recipients of 3 or more Hero Stars (HSU and/or HSL).

Marshals of the Soviet Union Russian text, catalog of brief biographies of all marshals of the Soviet Union, b/w photo for each plus a section of color photos of memorabilia.

Commanders of the Corps, Great Patriotic Biographic Encyclopedia, 2 Volumes. I. Basik, B. Vedenskiy et al. C. 2006, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 670 pp and 462 pp per volume. These books are a part of the 4-volume "Great Patriotic" series.

Soviet WW2 Order of Battle, titled Active Army, Great Patriotic Nikiforov, Fesenko, Andronnikov et al. C. 2005, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 663 pp. Part of the 4- volume "Great Patriotic" series. A magnificent, encyclopedic reference book.

Admirals and Generals of the USSR Navy in the Period of the Great Patriotic War and the Soviet-Japanese War (1941- 1945), Vyacheslav Lur'e. Russian text, capsule history of ALL Soviet navy admirals.

Soviet Order of Battle ,WW2, Volume 3: Red Storm. Soviet Mechanized Corps and Guards Armored Units, 1942 to 1945. English text.

Soviet Order of Battle, WW2, Volume 6: Red Thunder. Soviet Artillery Corps, Divisions and Brigades 1941 - 1945. Including Rocket, Antitank, and Mortar Units, English text.

Kursk 1943. A Statistical Analysis, by N. Zetterling and A. Frankson C. 2000, English text, hardcover, 270 pp.

Kursk, Hitler's Gamble, 1943, by Walter S. Dunn Jr, English text, soft cover, 208 pages, History's largest armored battle, based on declassified Russian documents and captured German records.

Red Army Tank Commanders: the Armored Guards, by Richard Armstrong. English text, hardcover, 476 pages.

Red Army Legacies, Essays on Forces, Capabilities & Personalities by Richard Armstrong. English language text.

T-34 in Action, Soviet Tank Troops in World War II, by Drabkin and Sheremet, English text, soft cover, 208 pages, 40 b/w photos, 5 maps; action-packed stories of the T-34 in action and vivid recollections of tank warfare on the Eastern Front.

Tigers in the Mud, The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius. English text, soft cover, 368 pp., 51 b/w photos, 50 ill, and 3 maps. Carius won the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves during WWII.

Commanders of the Armies, Great Patriotic a Biographic Encyclopedia. Abramov, Ageev et al. C. 2005, Moscow. Russian text, hard cover, 406 pp. Part of the 4-volume "Great Patriotic" series. Outstanding comprehensive reference, and the first of its kind.

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