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Battleships of Peresvet Class.
Rafail Mel'nikov, C. 2006, Moscow. Laminated soft cover, 114 pp, 8" by 11" format. Russian text.

The three warships of the Peresvet series were designed for oceanic voyages and had many innovative features. However, their construction took extremely long time, and their 10" main armament was no match to modern battleships of other navies by the time they entered service.

All 3 battleships - Peresvet, Pobeda and Oslyabya - were lost in action during the Russo-Japanese War. The latter was the first warship to succumb to the Japanese fire during the disastrous battle of Tsushima Straits. Peresvet saw service again in WW1, after being raised by the Japanese and purchased by Russia. It was sunk by a German mine off Port-Said in December 1916.

The book includes complete history of the construction and combat deployment of these vessels, and is richly illustrated with technical drawings and excellent period photographs. Scarce out of print reference book in brand new, unused condition.

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