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Brass button for Army officer or NCO shoulder boards, 1943 through late 1940s.

Brass obverse with steel back and loop.

Very good condition. The reverses all exhibit storage rust to some degree. In some cases, there are also very minor flecks of corrosion or places with tiny rust stains on the brass obverses. A good polishing with Brasso or Simichrome will remove any rust and render any dark areas on the brass bright as new.

These differ from later buttons by the absence of a date stamp on the back - the year appeared on the back of all Soviet Army buttons from the late 1940s on.

Please note: while these were all manufactured to Soviet military specs, they were made by many different factories. As a result, there are sometimes tiny differences that may be noticeable when two of them are held next to each other. Sewn in place and holding down shoulder boards, there are no noticeable differences between any of them.

Price listed is per individual button.

Item# 6004

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