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Order of Lenin, Type 5, Variation 2, #4281, official mint re-issue for a Type 4 "Mondvor" screw back of circa 1939 issue.

In solid gold (23 K), platinum and enamels; measures 43.0 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 37.7 mm in width; weighs 33.7 g not including the suspension and connecting link. Unlike the much more common Var. 1, this order features flat reverse without the circular "dimple" depression in the center. The serial number is engraved in the upper part of the reverse; the style of engraving is identical to other wartime reissues we have observed.

This is an extremely rare piece: its serial number has not been altered as on most other Type 5 Variation 2 re-issue pieces. The order is from the very limited unnumbered stock sharing characteristics of the die with those in the 22000 to 27000 serial number range (other pieces in this range have stamped serial numbers). Only a few such specimens were set aside at the mint without having a number stamped, apparently intended for VIPs who had been awarded with the early, screw back versions of the order.

Excellent condition. The enamel is practically pristine having just a couple of microscopic contact marks that are completely invisible to the naked eye - no flaking, chips or noticeable wear of any kind. The details of the platinum bas-relief and golden wreath are likewise perfect. Note the very attractive untouched patina on the reverse in the area near the eyelet, a typical result of slow chemical reaction between the additives in gold of the medallion and silver of the connecting link. Includes original suspension device, a WW2 two-layer model in steel with self-locking pin. The old, possibly original ribbon is perfectly preserved and clean. The silver connecting link appears to be original; its ends are still joined with solder.

Among the rarest of all versions of the Order of Lenin, this piece represents an almost unique opportunity for the advanced collector.

Item# 37738

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