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Medal for the Pacification of Hungary and Transylvania, 1849.

In silver, measures 29.3 mm in width, 34.6 mm in height including the eyelet; weighs 10.8 g not including the connecting link. The obverse shows Imperial double-headed eagle with inscription along the edge in old Slavonic, "God is With Us. People Take Heed and Submit".

In excellent condition. The raised details are beautifully preserved and crisp, show only minimal wear to the highest points of the artwork. The raised edge is without bumps or significant knocks, shows just a few tiny dings that are barely noticeable to the unaided eye; the medal has otherwise only microscopic contact marks invisible without magnification. The recessed field is nearly pristine on both sides of the medal and retains beautiful mint luster. Overall, this is an outstanding example of Hungary and Transylvania medal.

The medal comes with a small connecting link in silver which is not original to it but likely fitted by the original recipient (judging by the fact that its ends are joined with solder). It in turn connects to a larger ring which was once suspended from a ribbon.

When Hungary seceded from the Austrian Empire in 1848, Austrian Emperor Frances Joseph requested military help from Nicholas I. The Russian Emperor ever concerned with the spread of republican ideas was happy to oblige. Within a year 140 thousand strong Russian army under Field Marshal Paskevich invaded Hungary from Poland whereas another army broke into Transylvania from Moldavia. The revolt was crushed by August 1849. The medal was established the following year and awarded to all ranks that took part in the campaign. A little over 212,000 were issued.

/See Dimitri Romanov, The Orders, Medals and History of Imperial Russia, pp. 158-159/, also Mikhail Diakov, Medals of the Russian Empire, Part 4, 1825- 1855, p. 132/.

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