Excellence in Medical Corps badge, NKPS issue, mid-1940s.

Brass, enamels; measures 46.0 mm x 39.0 mm. Early variation featuring five scrolls forming the top ornament with well pronounced smooth border along the upper edge. The center medallion is larger than other variations. There is a single dot on either side of the star at the bottom of the white band.

In outstanding, excellent condition. The enamel shows magnificent luster and is extremely well-preserved; it has only some tiny contact marks and scuffs in the center that are barely noticeable to the naked eye. There details of the snake and bowl of Hygeia medical emblem as well as the wreath are perfect and crisp. The original gilt finish is clearly visible in the recessed areas of the wreath; the fragile dark gray finish on the edges of the shield is almost completely intact. The silver finish on the reverse is nearly pristine with just minimal tarnish along the edges. The screw post is full length, nearly 13 mm long, and comes with original WW2 era screw plate marked "NKPS".

Established in November 1942, the Excellent Medic badge was one of the first few badges of the "WW2 Proficiency Series" that came up during that year.

/See Breast Badges of the Red Army, 1941-1945 p. 103, fig. 3/

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