Mountain Rescue Unit Member Badge, unnumbered screw back version, circa 1960s - 70s.

In nickel-plated brass and enamels; 31.6 x 31.6 mm. The enamel is of spectacular quality; the mountain (Mount Ushba in the Caucasus) is depicted in slightly raised profile. Overall, a very attractive and impressive piece.

The badge was first introduced in 1962 and manufactured in Soviet Latvia until the collapse of the USSR. The first issues were numbered and had screw post attachment; the latest version had a pin back construction and no serial number.

In outstanding, excellent condition. The enamel shows magnificent luster and has only a few microscopic contact marks, no wear visible to the naked eye. The silver finish is very nicely preserved on both sides. The screw post is full length, approx. 9 mm, and includes original screw plate with maker's logo of the Maksala Factory in Riga, capital of Soviet Latvia.

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