Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Type 3, Var 2, "jumbo" (aka "long oval"), #53802, circa 1947.

Silver gilt, enamels. Measures 50.6 mm in height including the eyelet, 37.6 mm in width; weighs 37.4 g not including the suspension and connecting link. Sub-variation featuring both words of the mint mark stamped by a single stamp. The mint mark is approx. 8.5 mm wide, in straight lines, without the dash in the last character in the word "Monetnyi". Currently known serial number range for this version is 49958 - 86070, according to Based on Soviet archival records, this particular specimen was manufactured at the Leningrad Mint in the first half of 1947.

Excellent condition. The enamel is extremely well preserved, shows beautiful luster and appears perfect to the unaided eye. A careful examination under a 10x loupe reveals a couple of microscopic flakes on the banner at the first letter "C" and a couple of even smaller contact marks elsewhere, but none of this is visible without magnification. Likewise, there are only a few microscopic dings to the silver parts. The details of the wreath and hammer & sickle emblem are essentially pristine, and the gilt finish is clearly visible. The reverse shows nice even patina to silver.

The order comes on original steel suspension device with faded but otherwise nicely preserved and attractive old ribbon (we believe that it is much preferable to a brand-new ribbon, but just in case the latter, we will include a sufficient length of it at no extra charge). The connecting link appears to be original and its ends are still joined with solder.

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