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Nicholas II Award Table Medal from the Main Department of Land Usage and Agriculture, in Silver, Large Version.

Measures 65.4 mm wide; weighs 132.6 g. A very large, massive piece. This is the larger version of the two otherwise identical medals (the smaller one is 51 mm). The obverse has bas-relief portraits of Emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II facing left. The inscription along the edge reads: "Emperor Alexander III, Emperor Nicholas II". The raised inscription on the reverse is "From the Main Department of Land Usage and Agriculture ". The artwork was created by engravers A. Vasyutinskiy and M. Skudnov.

In very fine to excellent condition. There is only very mild wear to the high points of the bas-relief portrait which remains nicely preserved. The other details of the artwork and lettering are exceptionally crisp, nearly pristine. There are only a few small dings on either side that are not too detractive, no scratches, edge knocks or other significant flaws. The flat surfaces exhibit beautiful mint luster; some imbedded oxides or dust between the letters may clean off if desired, but we will leave it up to the next owner (in our opinion, it only adds character and the medal is best left just the way it is). The patina to silver is uniform and attractive throughout, free of blemishes.

/Similar to Mikhail Diakov, Medals of the Russian Empire, Part 5, 1855-1881, p. 121, fig. 1160.1; note that the large version shown in the book has Cyrillic initials "MG" at the bottom of the reverse, while the smaller version illustrated in fig. 1160.2 does not have this feature./

Please note, penny in our photo is for size reference.

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