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Award Document for a Badge for Excellence in Socialist Competition on the Railways, issued on the Red Army Day of 23 February 1967.

A hard-covered booklet showing impressed depiction of the badge and inscription "Ministry of Roads of Transportation of the USSR" on the front cover. The fist internal page shows the name of the recipient, date of the award decree, ink stamp of the Ministry of Roads of Transportation (i.e. railroads), and facsimile signature of the Minster of Roads of Transportation of the USSR. Interestingly, unlike most documents of this kind, the opposite page was left blank and not showing the serial number of the badge - probably an oversight of the clerk who filled-out the document (for a collector, this may be fortunate because it makes the document a "good match" to pretty much any Excellent Railway badge from the period.)

The document is in very good to excellent condition. The cover has a couple of small scuffs but no significant wear. The binding is tight; the internal pages are immaculately clean.

It is interesting to note that the award was issued on the Red Army Day of February 23rd, which leads us to believe that the recipient was either a military serviceman at the time or at least a military veteran.

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