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Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan, Commander of the Voroshilov General Staff Academy, typed document signed.
The document was originally prepared on 31 October 1957 and signed by Bagramyan on December 18th. One page document, front and verso; measures 20.8 cm x 29.4 cm (approx. 8 1/4" x 11 3/8"), signed by Bagramyan in blue ink on the verso near the bottom.

The document is a service evaluation of Major General Vladimir Surkov, who commanded a tank brigade and mechanized brigade during WW2. In the post-war years, Surkov advanced from commander of mechanized regiment to commander of mechanized division. The evaluation covers the period from December 1956 through October 1957 when he was taking a course of advanced studies at the Voroshilov Military Academy for General Staff (the highest Soviet military education establishment.) Interestingly, albeit admitting that Surkov has mastered the required courses and possessed necessary skills, the review gives his rather negative marks as regards his relations with subordinates and self- expression. The recommendation is to reappoint him as tank division or mechanized division commander and only after reviewing his success, possibly to consider him for promotion.

The evaluation was submitted and signed on 31 October 1957 by Col. General Khozin, commander of Highest Academic Course at the Voroshilov Academy. It was then signed by Lt. Col. Voronov who certified the approval by the evaluation committee headed by Armored Corps Marshal Rotrmistrov (the latter did not sign the document but is mentioned among the members of the committee). Bagramyan's typed final approval and hand-signature in blue ink are near the bottom, next to the ink stamp of the Voroshilov Academy.

In very good condition. The left margin is folded to fit the document into archival file and there are small tears to that margin but the document overall is completely intact, free of folds and very clean.

Ivan Bagramyan was Twice Hero of the Soviet Union and the recipient of seven Orders of Lenin, two Orders of Suvorov and an Order of Kutuzov. He fought at Kursk and Orel; later, as commander of the 1st Baltic Front he was in charge of the Belorussian breakthrough and orchestrated the encirclement of the German troops at Vitebsk. His forces took Memel and in April 1945, captured Koenigsberg. After the war, Bagramyan for a while commanded the Baltic Military District and then became Deputy Defense Minister. In March 1955, he was promoted to the highest Soviet military rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union and in the following year, was put in charge of the highly prestigious Voroshilov Academy of General Staff. Starting from 1958 Bagramyan for 10 years occupied position of the Chief of the Rear of the Soviet Armed Forces. He died in 1982 and was buried with full military honors at the Red Square in Moscow.

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