Kremlin-themed Cigarette Case in hallmarked silver, by the Moscow Jewelry Workshop, 1930-1940.

Measures 85 mm x 109 mm x 19 mm; weighs 180.1 g. Green colored thumb piece of polished glass. The beautifully detailed artwork in high profile, although featuring Moscow Kremlin, is surprisingly non-political. It present timeless panorama of the Kremlin walls, turrets and grand churches as viewed from the Moskva River or more specifically, from the Moskvoretskiy Bridge. This view had not changed much since the completion of the Grand Kremlin Palace in mid-XIX C. and even after the Revolution, remained completely devoid of any overtly Bolshevik symbols. Case in point are the five riverside towers - from the squat Tainitsky Tower partly visible on the left to the slender Bekmishev Tower on the extreme right - which never got adorned with the famous Soviet "Ruby" stars. Note also the multitude of church domes, an unusual subject for something made early during the Stalin's reign.

The interior of the panels is gilded. Both sides show a silver hallmark "875" with worker's head as well as the Cyrillic maker mark АМЮ ("AMYu") of the Moscow Jewelry Workshop. The latter hallmark was only used from 1930 through 1940, which makes it certain that the cigarette case is of pre-WW2 manufacture /see N. G. Troepolskaya, "Catalog of Hallmarks on Items in Precious Metals, 1917- 2000 (USSR and Russia)", Page 567, fig. 17075/.

The cigarette case is in outstanding, excellent condition. The artwork is exceptionally well preserved and crisp, almost pristine. The front shows no visible wear at all, while the back has only a couple of miniscule scratches that are almost unnoticeable. The case is completely free of dings or dents. Its cabochon closure button functions smoothly; the hinge is completely intact; the alignment of the two panels is perfect. The gilt finish on the interior is beautifully bright, not faded as is often the case. This is an attractive and well- preserved piece.

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