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Award document for Distinguished Military Service Medal, 1st class, issued on 27 April 1990 to Eduard Butorin.

The document was filled out on 31 October 1990. It is issued by Guards Major A. Maksimenko, Commander of the Military Unit #73512 whose rank and unit are written-in by a secretary. Interestingly, the hitherto requisite ink stamp of the unit and hand-signature of the commander are omitted, possibly a sign of deterioration in the military discipline at the time when the Soviet Union was nearing collapse. The document is in excellent condition.

Based on the information available online, codename Unit #73512 belonged to the 100th Antiaircraft Rocket and Artillery Squadron of the elite 98th Guards Airborne Division. In 1990, most units of this division were stationed in or near the Odessa Region of Ukraine. After the breakup of the USSR, the division was broken up, with its units and equipment divided between the armed forces of Russia and newly independent Ukraine and Moldova.

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