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Badge in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Soviet Naval Cadet Academy, 1992 issue.

Nicely made piece in brass and "cold" enamels, measures 33.1 mm in height x 28.4 mm in width. In excellent condition. The enamel is perfect, the gold finish is bright on both sides. The screw post is full length, approx. 12.5 mm, and includes period screw plate with Pobeda Factory logo.

The badge was apparently awarded to the faculty, staff and possibly to VIP alumni on the occasion of the anniversary of the school. Interestingly, it still has all of its Soviet appearance including the USSR Naval Jack with hammer and sickle even though the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991 (the badge was apparently designed earlier and was possibly made in advance, in as early as 1991; also traditional allegiance to old Soviet traditions was still strong in the navy as well as other branches of the Russian military).

Item# 34963

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