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Badge of a WW2 Veteran of the PVO (Air Defense) of the Baltic Fleet, 1950s - mid-1960s.

Brass, "cold" enamels; 25.5 mm tall x 41.5 mm wide. Interesting artwork featuring a searchlight, radar, flak gun and warship. The right side shows a Columna Rostrata, one of the two Empire-style pillars that were among the most recognizable landmarks of Leningrad. With projections depicting prows of ancient ships, the columns built in 1810 on the bank of the Neva River were meant to represent Russian naval might and also to serve as navigational beacons.

The inscription at the top is "PVO KBF" (Anti-Aircraft Defense Order of the Order of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet). The bottom is inscribed "To a Veteran, 1941-1945". Note that there is only one Order of the Red Banner mentioned in the name of the fleet, which dates the badge to no later than 1965 (during that year, the fleet was awarded with the second Order of the Red Banner and from that point on was referred to as "Twice Order of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet").

The badge is in very fine condition. There are a couple of tiny chips to the dark blue enamel and light wear throughout, but the badge is overall nicely preserved and very presentable.

Item# 34940

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