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Badge of a Veteran of the 82nd Rifle Division / 3rd Guards Order of Red Banner Motorized Rifle Division, circa 1980s.

Aluminum, paint and lacquer. The medallion measures approx. 47 mm in height (including the eyelet), 38 mm wide. The obverse of the medallion shows inscription "82nd / 3rd Guards Motorized Rifle Division." The suspension has the inscription "Veteran" and shows a Guards badge symbolizing that it's a Guards division as well as an Order of Red Banner, which was awarded to the division. The reverse shows has raised inscription "Perm, R. Khalkhin Gol, Moscow, Dorokhovo, Mozhaysk, Borodino, Karmanovo, Vyazma, and Semlevo." The reverse of the suspension shows raised logo of the Trial and Souvenir Goods Factory in Mytishchi (Moscow Region). The badge is in excellent condition.

The first on the list of locations on the back of the badge is the city of Perm in Siberia where the division was formed as 82nd Rifle Division back in 1939 before being hastily thrown into the Battle of Khalkhin Gol. In 1941, it was transformed into a motorized division with the same unit number and played a key role in the Battle of Moscow. Hence the artwork of its veteran's badge which includes Kremlin and the monument on the Borodino Battlefield. The inscription on the reverse of the badge includes number of famous places where the division fought near Moscow including Borodino and Mozhaysk. For its distinction in the Battle of Moscow, the division received an honorific designation of Guards unit and became 3rd Guards Motorized Rifle Division.

/See Paul Schmitt, "Soviet Second World War Veteran Badges", Page 40/.

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