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Photo ID #1699, issued on 24 December 1941 to Aleksandr Tishchenko by the NKVD Police Directorate of Ukraine.
Measures 68 x 98 mm, the ID is of highly unusual kind: in plain cardboard instead of rubberized cloth binding used during the pre-war years. The front cover has a simple inscription "Identification Card" and al number 1018.

Shows that his rank was Squad Leader of the NKVD Department of Snezhnyanskiy District. The photo shows him wearing three triangular pips on his collar tabs which is correct for the squad leader, the lowest NKVD NCO rank at the time. The ink stamp reads "NKVD of Stal[ino] Region" - referring to the city of Stalino now known as Donetsk (Snezhnyansk is one of the towns in this coal mining region of eastern Ukraine.)

The ID is in excellent condition, perfectly clean and showing practically no wear. There is a small strip of green paper glued to the left page apparently used to attach it to an archival file.

The unusual plain format of this ID reflects the dire situation of late 1941, when most of the Ukraine had been overrun by the Germans and supplies apparently had become scarce.

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