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70th Anniversary of the Dnepropetrovsk / Yekaterinoslav Department of KGB, commemorative badge, 1989.

Aluminum, paint, lacquer, 40.0 mm x 20.9 mm. The reverse shows raised maker mark. In excellent, near mint condition.

This is an extremely uncommon badge. Most other officially issued KGB "jubilee" awards commemorated anniversaries of either the all-Union KGB, central agencies within the State Security (such as Special Departments), or at least State Security branches of Soviet republics. The Dnepropetrovsk badge is one of only such awards that are specific to a regional KGB. This may have to do with Dnepropetrovsk's special status as of the key centers of nuclear weapon and missile research and production. Until the collapse of the USSR, this large industrial city in eastern Ukraine was completely off limit to any foreigners, and its KGB apparatus was probably more powerful than in most other regions. Moreover, many of the top Soviet elite - including Leonid Brezhnev and future Ukrainian premier Leonid Kuchma - started their party careers in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

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