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Badge of a Participant of the 1958 DOSAAF International Shooting Competition in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Red Army.

Nicely made piece in silver-plated brass and enamels; the pendant measures 24.1 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 22.3 mm in width; the suspension device is 15.5 mm wide. The suspension has inscription "Soviet Army 40 Years" and shows the Soviet military emblem of red star with hammer & sickle. The inscription in the white band is "USSR DOSAAF International Competitions" (DOSAAF is the Russian acronym for Volunteer Society to Support Army, Aviation and Navy; this organization was ostensibly civilian, but in fact it was a giant military training program subsidized by the government and run by Soviet Army officers.)

In excellent condition. The enamel is flawless, completely free of the usual chips or flaking. The silver plating on both sides of the badge is also perfectly preserved, creating an impression that the badge is made of solid silver.

Item# 32736

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