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Honored State Security Employee badge, Variation 5, unnumbered, circa mid to late 1980s issue.

Silver-plated brass, gilt and enamel; 47.5 mm x 26.1 mm. Two-piece construction: the star is a separate superimposed part held by rivets to the shield-shaped base. A Variation 5 by Pandis classification, this version of the badge has some rather unique features such as the upper right location of the mint mark "MMD" (at approximately 1 o'clock position). The other characteristics of the badge such as horizontal relief "bars" on the reverse in the central portion and nicely finished rivets attaching the star are identical to what is usually referred to as Variation 3.

Normally, the serial number on this variation of the Honored KGB Badge would be engraved in two sections to the left and right of center, near the bottom of the reverse. Its serial number range is approximately 5600 - 5950; with fewer than 400 of them ever made, this version stands out among other Honored KGB badges in terms of rarity. The unique feature of this specimen however is that it never had a serial number. A couple of other unnumbered Honored State Security badges have been observed, although we have yet to see another unnumbered example of this particular version. We do not know the reason why some specimens remained unnumbered. We can only guess that they may have been intended to be issued as duplicates, retained as museum examples, or perhaps issued to someone with the top secrecy level.

Besides being a unique unnumbered specimen, this badge is also literally a textbook example: it is prominently featured in the recent hardcover edition of the reference book "Cheka, the History, Organization, and Awards of the Russian Secret Police and Intelligence Services 1917 to 2017" by Robert Pandis (page 229).

The badge is in excellent condition. The enamel is perfect. There are only a few microscopic dings to the star and barely noticeable wear to the edge of the shield and sword. The gilt finish on the star is perfect and bright. Very attractive dark patina to the silver finish on both sides. The screw post is full length, approx. 9.5 mm, and comes with original mint marked screw plate.

Without exaggeration, this badge represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for the advanced collector.

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