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Honorary Certificate in Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Soviet Border Guard Troops, issued on 15 February 1941 to Military Technician, 1st class Aleksandr Kopylov.

This large format, very ornate document measures approx. 10" x 13", printed on heavy stock paper. Very nice artwork was specifically designed for NKVD Border Guards: the left margin features Soviet and Border Guard flags, and a very nicely executed image of the Badge of Honored NKVD Employee. The upper right has the requisite double portrait of Stalin and Lenin (with Lenin on the background and looking more like a ghost, and Stalin on the forefront and appearing very much alive and alert.) The lower left has inscription "XX Years of the NKVD Border Guard Troops of the USSR." The printed citation states that the document is issued in commemoration of the anniversary of Border Guards and "for your selfless work on guarding the state frontiers of our Socialist Motherland".

The certificate is hand-signed by the Commander of NKVD Border Guards of the USSR, Lieutenant General Grigoriy Sokolov. It also shows an ink stamp of the Main Directorate of NKVD Border Guards.

The document is in very good to excellent condition. It has been stored folded as is usually the case. There are only very minor separations along the folds; the certificate is very sound overall, with intact borders. The colors are still very bright and vivid; the details of the artwork are perfectly preserved. A very impressive and uncommon document!

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