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History of Awards and Insignia of Russian MVD, 1802 -2002, Mikhail Rogov, C 2004, Moscow.

Russian text, massive format hardcover, 543 pp. 12" x9" x 2". The first truly comprehensive reference on the subject. This encyclopedic publication covers an immense area of Soviet and Russian Law Enforcement, including Police, Fire Fighters, Border Guards, Forestry and numerous other agencies that at one point or another were a part of the Russian or Soviet Ministry of Interior.

Beside decorations such as badges and medals, well represented in this book are shoulder boards, cloth sleeve insignia, breast ID badges, table medals and numerous commemorative pins. Much of this material has not been shown before in any published literature. The narrative provides complete and coherent picture of changes in awards and insignia of MVD, as related to the history of the Ministry.

Enormous breadth and scope of material covered in this book, plus high quality photography and research, ensures this book will be a constant source of information for the collector and enthusiast

The book is divided into 8 major parts:

1. State awards (orders, medals and badges);
2. Service badges and insignia;
3. Jubilee and commemorative badges of MVD services and units;
4. Badges of the MVD schools;
5. Badges commemorating MVD events;
6. Sports badges;
7. Badges of Veteran and Civic organizations;
8. Table medals.

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